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Remember ThisRemember This by Shae Buggs

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Remember This by Shae Buggs is a romantic comedy with comedy being the main ingredient of its recipe. Lucy is a talented, beautiful, and independent woman. She is married to an amazingly handsome man named Mason. They have been married for about six years now. If I say that, their marriage is in a rough patch then that would be an overstatement of the year. A colleague of Lucy, Eli, is having a major crush on Lucy, even though he has a girlfriend. Lucy is enjoying the attention she is receiving from Elie. Although Lucy and Mason are living in the same house, they neither talk to each other nor share their bedroom. You see, what I meant by the overstatement. To add to the chaos and confusion, Lucy comes home to find an object to prove her husband’s infidelity. Mix her rage to many glasses of Alcohol and what you get is Lucy throwing a wine bottle over the head of Mason, which leads him to the road of amnesia. What follows next is a hysterical ride of Lucy helping Mason to bring back his memory.

The main characters of the plot, other than Lucy and Mason, are Kara and Drey, who are Lucy’s best friends. The character sketch of Kara and Drey reminds me of Charlotte and Samantha – in the same order – of SATC. For the readers, who have not watched SATC, Charlotte is an innocent, family-oriented, a tad old-fashioned woman, while Samantha has a never-ending tendency of hopping on the bed with a variety of men. So, replace the name of Charlotte with Kara and Samantha with Drey, you have got yourself the perfect description of these characters. I believe the author got the inspiration for these characters from SATC, but one cannot be sure of these things. Anyways, the author has done an excellent job in drawing an image of the characters in the reader’s head by using the strings of words. Each character is believable and has a purpose to serve. The detailed description of their clothing helped in imagining the characters.

The plot is very realistic. The cause of most of the marital problems, lack of communicating real feelings and not spending enough time with one’s life partner, is used as a foundation of Lucy and Mason’s problems. This increases the believability of the story. I am highly impressed by the writing style and narration skills of the author. I could not resist myself from making time to read this book until the end. There are minor mechanical errors in the book, like a few missing words, “I keeping watching, and others on the same lines; however, these do not make too frequent appearances and didn’t spoil the fun by reading this book. There is one loophole, which I believe the author missed. Towards the end, Lucy wonders how did Eli find out where she lives; however he had sent her flowers in one of the earlier chapters. Nevertheless, we can ignore it since there are many wonderful things in the plot.

My favorite thing about this book is the manner in which the author has captured little emotions of people. Like the irritation of Lucy, which she feels when Eli talks ill of her husband, is something that I can relate to. I can describe my hubby in whichever way I feel, but — god forbid — if someone else chooses to point out even one of his irritating habit, I would fry that person. Although humor remains the central theme of the book, there is one chapter in which I had to hold my mouth from making sounds while laughing; it was that funny. One thing that disappointed me was that after that instance, I kept waiting for another “ha-ha” moment, but that did not arrive. Having said that, a slight smile kept making its way on my face on several clumsy moments of Lucy.
To conclude, I would say that, this is a book, which is worth the time of the readers, who enjoy romantic comedies.

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