Fleeting Moments of Emotions….

The life that we live in is made up of billions of fleeting moments. We do not pay a significant amount of attention to most of these moments and end up missing out on the adventure that a life is. How many times have we said to ourselves that from today onwards, I am going to live every moment as if it’s my last? I cannot say for you, but I must admit that I’ve taken this thought very seriously and pledged to follow it every year. For a few days, I swear that I live by this thought, but very soon, settle back into the familiar and comfortable place of focusing my attention on the materialistic responsibilities.

Anyways, it is only obvious that in this fast paced life, the emotions of a few fleeting moments absorb most of our energy leaving us drained to even attend the guest appearance of other emotions. For me, the most overpowering emotion is anger. When  this emotion arrives, my theory of a life being made up of many fleeting moments take the backside.Trust me, there is nothing “fleeting” about my angry moments. During these times, I do not have energy and patience to, even, acknowledge the presence of any other feeling. It’s funny how I get all the time in the world to enjoy cocktails with this abominable guest for hours, when on the other hand, rest of the emotions need to bang drums in my ears for hours before finally accepting their defeat. This makes me ponder over the dominance of one particular emotion over others.

Before you get tired of my beating about the bush, let me get straight to the point. Whenever I come across the news of a father killing his daughter because she had the audacity to fall in love with a boy of another community, I cannot comprehend the rage that could move a father to watch the life drain out of his own daughter’s eyes. Today, while thinking about the fleeting moments of extreme emotions, I realized that in a person’s relationship with his feelings, either the person or their feelings may have an upper hand. No matter the flying nature of these emotions, these may leave an everlasting scar on one’s  life, if one does not learn to control these — not the other way around.

So, who has an upper hand in the relationship of you and your emotions? Starting today, I declare that I would show my emotions exactly who is the boss — at least, as long as I can.

P.S. This post is in response to the daily prompt: Fleeting

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