A Super Long Grammy Acceptance Speech (Fake but straight from heart)

So a very good friend of mine read my blogs and asked me why don’t you write anything positive? I thought,” Yes, why don’t I?” So I picked up my laptop after a while, determined to pour all positivity residing in me on a beautiful blog which will soon get me a buzz all over the world. Though I could think of all the positive people I have in my life, I could not write anything or anyone in particular.

After a lot of thinking, observations and self assessment I have decided to create this blog into a place where I will thank everyone and everything that give me hope to move on. I am writing it as if I won Grammy award for being the best at everything and its my thank you speech. Lets just go with it.


First and foremost I wanna thank my loving and ever-supporting family. I am one of those lucky people who mean it when they say “God,  I love my family”. My mom,my dad,my sis,my cute pets and latest addition to my family my hubby are the best of the best people any person can hope and pray for.  Me and my sister have tested our parent’s patience since forever. Sometimes we got scolded and some lucky times we got polite advice. But every single time we found our way back due to their excellent guidance. A parent’s position is definitely irreplaceable and I am so blessed to have hit the jackpot. I regret all the times I have been rude to them and though I wish I never have an argument with them but I know that’s not gonna happen. Nonetheless I wish to tell them I love them a lot and ask them to bear with me.

What do I say about my sister. She bugs me more number of times than the number of times a kid asks for candy. She makes me go crazy. She exposes such a huge amount of anger from within me which I didn’t even know existed in me. She makes fun of me and says things like “mom and dad love me more than you” but still I can’t imagine my life without her. She is my best friend. She knows exactly how to bring me back to my calm-self. She’ll laugh at the silliest things and cry at the stupidest things and yet I adore every moment spent with her. I need her in my life as we need air to breathe. I wonder how do people without a sister survive ups and downs of life.

The selfless love which my pets exhibit every single day is unbelievable. If humans were capable of such a love then world would have been infinity times better place to live. I envy their capability of possessing such a huge amount of selfless love.

Last but in noway the least is my husband. He is an incredible human being. Living with me and fulfilling my demands are two tasks which are not very easy and yet the way he takes care of me and everybody around him is worth applauding. He is my source of inspiration for being a good human. I have strong reasons to believe he was prince charming in his past life. Well don’t think I don’t give him a hard time. He is always on his toes to try and make me happy and I sincerely apologize, my sweet dear sweetheart hubby, for being the way I am and trust me I am trying to improve myself to be worthy of your love. Don’t start flying now.

One of my family member who could not be here today as he started his journey somewhere in the stars, is my grandpa. I can’t believe I stopped talking to him (as I was angry with him due to an argument we had) and never got a chance to apologize. I miss him a lot and I feel haunted by the fact that I couldn’t even bid him farewell. He just left.


Guys, never let anger cloud your judgement and always think of all the good times even while or after having a fight. You never know when is the last time you’ll see your dear one. I know I am trying hard to live by this rule.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” and I have been fortunate enough to have the best friends in my life. Be it my college time roommate Abhinanda who has been always around without even being asked for or my first drink buddy Erika who met me for a very small amount of time but made a huge impact on my life or my best free adviser Shiv whom I turn to in every moment of confusion and though he does not give me an advice at first attempt but yes he comes around , the list goes on to include my irritatingly helpful friend Megha whom I can count on to give me an honest advise even when I am in no mood for honesty,My sweetheart and most patient friend Tanu who helped me when I was not at my best, My cute friend Jyoti whose smile is really infatuating and who is my most loyal fan, My travel-buddy Guddu with whom I explored Mumbai like never before, My broad minded and a little lost friend Abhisheta with whom I can share even the stupidest secret of mine,A friend whom I could always count on Sunny Abdi, Friends whom I met for a very short span of time but they became an inseparable part of my existence (esp. Amrin & Alok), My colleagues who have become my most treasured friends : Nilu, Prerna (I love you both a lot and I know I can always count on you guys), Yash, Varun, Bhargabi, Pulkit, Snehal, Kathashree and please forgive me if I could not mention anybody’s name. I didn’t forget. You are all in my heart and you are the reason for keeping me up and running (wink).


I would also like to mention a special thanks to my cousins whom I adore. I fight with them but feel tremendous guilt afterwards. I can’t imagine my life without them.

If it was a real Grammy award acceptance speech, I would have been thrown off the stage by now. I know it has become ridiculously long article but it surely filled me with a lot of positive energy. For this I wish to thank God and His beautiful creations which have surrounded me with their angelic existence. I wish to thank moon for filling me with hope and kindness every time I look at it. I am blessed and I wish every lost soul finds at least one angel in its life who can fill it with tremendous love, hope, kindness, positivity and most importantly humanity.

Spread love and kindness!!

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  1. Drashti Shukla says:

    Em touched…u touched my heart 😉

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