Piled Up Pauses

Piled Up Pauses – A collection of poems by A V Anjali Menon is, as is evident by the title of the book, a poetry collection. There are more than fifty poems with varied lengths and a range of emotions. For the most part though, the central theme appeared to be a heartbreaking romance. While some poems are straightforward, others have veiled feelings for a sincere reader to find. The Tragedy of my Superhero, an example of straightforward poems in the collection, is a beautiful tribute to her nanny.

I Blabber! #FridayReflections

There are many thoughts that pop up in my head almost simultaneously. That’s the reason why I chose to write about free writing. As soon as the news of Donald Trump being the president of the US hit the media, I began contemplating what should I do to ensure that his decisions do not affect…