I Blabber! #FridayReflections

There are many thoughts that pop up in my head almost simultaneously. That’s the reason why I chose to write about free writing.

As soon as the news of Donald Trump being the president of the US hit the media, I began contemplating what should I do to ensure that his decisions do not affect me. Why, you ask? Well, mainly because many people began talking how he might be able to stop outsourcing altogether. I am one of those people who does not like researching a lot. Therefore, I chose to believe them. What disappointed me the most is the fact that I fell short on the scale of skills. If not IT, then what? Probably writing! But I have no degree in writing. Maybe, I should start taking a class on writing or fashion designing! What if, while I am in the middle of the course, recession hits and I am left with no job? How would having no job affect my life? Not that I would start living on the road, but it would leave me in a very depressed state of mind for two main reasons:

  1. I  am a Gemini and a Gemini needs a lot of things to keep their head engaged otherwise, they are a grenade which would explode everyone who is around them. If you don’t believe in sun signs then let me tell you that I am a kind of person who cannot live without anything to look forward to. I need a job that would give my brain sufficient headache which would prevent it from going in a dark side.
  2. I am a shopaholic. I need to shop. When I say I Need to shop, trust me, I must shop or I’ll go crazy. I have tried “no shopping” thing and I am sad to announce that I am a mess without it.

When I am not thinking about the job and Donald trump, I am thinking about bigger things (I am not too self-centered, you know). I saw a post a few days back and that got me thinking — like really thinking about many things. I should share what the post was about. The post was something like this,

I don’t care how short your shorts are but they should atleast hide your vagina.

First, who is this person and why is he so concerned about the length of other person’s shorts. Not that I would want everyone to walk around naked (or almost naked) but who gave me the right to decide how should other person dress. If you know about Lord Krishna, there is a story where he steals the clothes of the gopis while they were bathing in the river. He encouraged them to come out of the river and get their clothes from him. While some might think,”boys will be boys” and laugh about it, I believe there is more to it than a boy’s desire to see naked ladies (I don’t think that a God would be interested in watching naked ladies). I think he was trying to declare that while clothes are a part of every person’s life, these are not what define you. It’s ok to be without these every once in a while. He was trying to establish that these are all worldly things and you do not need to hide behind these barriers.

Of course, it might be my perception and everyone might not agree with it. However, this is my belief and by mentioning it, I am not hurting anyone. That’s why when people go all crazy about somebody wearing fewer clothes, I do not understand what the fuss is about. Actually, most of the times, I am amazed at how much people are concerned about others’ ways of lives rather than living their own lives.

Anyway, there go my 20 minutes of free thinking. I apologize if I bored you with my ramblings.

P.S.  This post is in response to the Friday Reflections prompt – Freewrite: set your alarm for 20 minutes and just start. Keep writing till it goes off.


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  1. I live in the United States, and I can say that we are so busy trying to deal with the avalanche of everything that happens daily (and I know it is intentional on his part) we tend not to think of how residents of other countries will be affected. It’s a global economy and too many of us don’t understand that. I did enjoy your rant.

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