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Veiled behind a chucklesome fiction, Dr. Ashley Oliphant’s Higher Education – Chronicles of a Dumpster Fire reveals the corruption that is rendering today’s education system rotten. Clary-Smith University’s unjust administration and a needless army of twenty deans have become the sources of a constant headache to its faculty. Although the administration is rejecting/ignoring the expenses, which will strengthen the university, they are expressing no remorse in approving needless and extravagant trips of deans and sports teams. The only rays of hope in this doomsday level of chaos are Dr. Olivia Green, the associate professor of English and the Clary-Smith Clarion, and the underground faculty newspaper. While Dr. Green (aka Livie) tackles the senseless and illogical deans with her commendable (and heavy with sarcasm) wit, Clary-Smith Clarion highlights the deals that the administration is making behind closed doors sprinkled with hilarious tidbits of gossip. 

Because higher education is a dumpster fire, and we don’t have the budget to buy extinguishers.

– an excerpt from Higher Education by Dr. Ashley Oliphant

Dr. Ashley Oliphant has chosen quite a unique method of telling this hilarious tale. Rather than simply narrating the events, she has presented the faculty’s frustration through their group chats, the University’s condition through the faculty newspaper, the communication between the deans/administrators/president and the faculty through their email correspondences, and the efficiency of the professors through the students’ feedback. Even though the incompetence of the deans was incomparable and annoying, the meeting notes proved to be the funniest bits in the book. The effect of reading Higher Education – Chronicles of a Dumpster Fire has been nothing less than taking a spa retreat; it was absolutely refreshing. I highly recommend Higher Education by Dr. Ashley Oliphant to everyone who is in need of a good laugh. 

Georgiana: Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think we should be touching ourselves at work.

– an excerpt from Higher Education by Dr. Ashley Oliphant

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