The Tooth Fairy by Davide Tarsitano

I have reviewed The Tooth Fairy by Davide Tarsitano for Reader’s Favorite.

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If the idea of a tooth fairy brings warmth to your heart, then Davide Tarsitano’s psychological thriller, The Tooth Fairy, will replace that feeling with a biting cold sensation that will daunt you for a long time. When Johnny Hawk caught his wife cheating on him, it triggered something inside of him: a need to escape from everything. Pushing aside all the rational and practical thoughts, he decided to quit his business and drive far away. His escape, however, led him to a stunning, albeit disturbed beyond his wildest imagination, dentist, Wendy. From the first moment he laid eyes on her, he was smitten. As for Wendy, their encounter awakened an evil side of her that only knows cruelty, torture, and all things sadistic.

The Tooth Fairy takes

But she gives in return.

An honest trade with no guessing.

A trophy you must earn…

– An excerpt from The Tooth Fairy is Davide Tarsitano

Even though The Tooth Fairy is Davide Tarsitano’s debut novel, the narration shows the panache of a seasoned author. The story goes back and forth between different timelines, past and present, but the plot never gets confusing. Each character, whether a side character or the main one, has a unique personality and a backstory to help build a connection with them. An excellent psychological thriller is one in which readers are scratching their heads in anticipation. They want to know more about this complex character whose mind keeps switching gears. Though not very graphic, the scenes of sexual abuse may trigger some readers. Despite all the positives, there is one unanswered/unexplained question that may nag the audience. It’s impossible to mention the question in this review without giving away the spoiler; therefore, I am resisting the urge. The Tooth Fairy would have been perfection if this wasn’t the case.

So far, the world out there was worse than he had pictured. The sideral distances between people were astoundingn, an abyss between the souls.

– An excerpt from The Tooth Fairy is Davide Tarsitano

By concocting an engaging thriller with relatable characters that the readers will care about, Davide Tarsitano has gifted the fans of psychological thrillers a compulsive read. I highly recommend The Tooth Fairy by Davide Tarsitano and challenge the readers to put it down before finishing it.

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