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Thank you, Gail Ward Olmsted, for providing an ARC of Miranda Writes.

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Gail Ward Olmsted’s Miranda Writes urges people to do the right thing by highlighting the domino effect of one person’s selfish actions on the larger community. During her time as an Assistant State Attorney, Miranda Quinn received an opportunity to throw a rapist, Kane, behind bars. This case meant that she would help in delivering justice and receive a massive boost in her career. However, when her key witness, Becky Lewis, disappeared before the day of the trial, Miranda lost the case, her credibility, and her job. After spending a good chunk of time moping around at her dad’s house, she started a legal advice blog, which eventually morphed into a podcast. Things started looking up for her when she received an offer to turn her blog/podcase into a daytime tv show. Nevertheless, destiny had other plans for her. Before moving forward, she had to fight the demons of her past in the most literal sense. She was getting another chance to throw Kane, the sexual predator, behind bars for good. This time, the stakes were higher for Miranda, and failure was just not an option.

Three years ago, I’d had the chance to put him away, and I had blown it. Now he had attacked another woman, and it was all my fault.

– An excerpt from Miranda Writes by Gail Ward Olmsted

Gail Ward Olmsted’s writing has a patient vibe about them. Whether she explores the mysteries of love (in Jeep Tour) or expresses the many sacrifices of a famous personality’s life-partner whom history chose to leave in the shadows (in Landscape of a Marriage), the patient energy flows through the pages. Beneath these calm and composed words, however, lies her sincere effort to change the world, one evil at a time. Miranda Writes is no different in this regard. Although the plot focuses on the legal complexities of the rape trial and its effect on Miranda’s life, Gail Ward Olmsted finds every opportunity to shatter the victim-shaming mindset. Even then, the narration never gets preachy. Thanks to the author’s sensible writing approach, the story remains relatable, diverse, and extremely engaging. The much-awaited courtroom drama proves to be a delightful treat for the readers who enjoy a well-crafted line of questioning. 

The other callers were seen as crank calls; Why was a girl walking alone? What had she done to attract attention? What had she been wearing? Was she high, drunk, or both? Was she just plain stupid? Was she a prostitute or a jilted girlfriend seeking revenge on her ex?

– An excerpt from Miranda Writes by Gail Ward Olmsted

The engaging conversations between the characters enhanced the overall experience. It is evident that the author had no interest in filling the pages of the book with needless drama and excessive emotional explorations. The plot is crisp and straightforward with exciting twists that lead to a satisfactory climax. Although Miranda was not getting a moment of rest, she did not turn into a whining person. Even when she discovered her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal, she focused on what she could do and didn’t let the things that were out of her control bring her down. Instead of cutting herself off from people, she spent time with her best friend and family. See, how beautifully the author gifted her readers an important life lesson without actually writing it in so many words.

This could be a wild goose chase. Worst-case scenario? An hour of my time wasred. But it might be a second chance to see Kane behind bars. A shot at reclaiming my reputation, maybe even a media boost to launch my new show? All the above?

– An excerpt from Miranda Writes by Gail Ward Olmsted

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