Asylum by Tamera Lawrence

I have reviewed Asylum by Tamera Lawrence for Reader’s Favorite.

Tamera Lawrence’s Asylum is a nail-biting thriller whose story revolves around Kyle. Like all the other resident kids of the Rose Hill Asylum, Kyle also silently wished to get adopted. This was the only way to escape the violent bullying and darkness of the asylum. When he turned nine years old, his wish was granted. However, this blessing came with a complication: his new parents were unable to adopt his younger brother, Roy. As much as he wanted to take care of his brother, he could not pass on this opportunity to finally have a family. After many years when Kyle got married and had a baby daughter, the guilt of leaving Roy behind in that dingy and dark place gnawed at him. Therefore, when his friend, Randy, proposed the idea of exploring the abandoned Rose Hill Asylum, he couldn’t resist the temptation. Unbeknownst to him, he brought back from that daunting asylum something more than mere memories. And this “something” was actually a cold-blooded murderer named Stitches who would stop at nothing from getting his revenge.

At any moment, he expected a whisper,”If you twitch, you’ll get stitched.”

– Asylum by Tamera Lawrence

Since the entire plot of Asylum rests on the Rose Hill Asylum, it was important to create an unsettling image of the place that holds the plot together. Everything from the tunnels to the dark and damp rooms, Rose Hill instills a fear of the unknown into the readers. Whenever Kyle crawls inside the tunnels, it gets impossible to breathe. Tamera Lawrence has used the right words and emotions to hold her audience. Her storytelling captivates and dares the reader to put down the book. Kyle and Beth’s arguments that go from zero to infinity in a matter of minutes will resonate with a majority of married couples. There is no lack of love between the couple, yet the marital responsibilities and Kyle’s need for a break from these duties produce arguments that are quite entertaining. The author has intentionally dropped breadcrumbs to influence the readers to guess the killer’s identity. Nonetheless, these clues, in no way, make the story predictable.

Over the years, the state had failed to upgrade the massive buildings or tend to its disabled residents. People were rotting away in their beds, basically fending for themselves. Instead of improving lives, Rose Hill stole their souls.

– Asylum by Tamera Lawrence

The characters, whether side or main ones have certain unique attributes that make them memorable. Stitches, with his quirky dialogues, strange expressions, and dangerous mood swings, has come out as a spine-chilling villain. The psychology of an orphan child, especially their fear of not getting adopted, could not have been described any better. A married man’s jealousy over his bachelor friend’s free lifestyle and vice versa is another absorbing inclusion in Asylum. Without giving away spoilers, I can surely say that after reading Asylum, the phrase, “if you twist, you’ll get stitched,” will never be the same.

Hollow eyes appeared soulless against a sunken skull. The mouth was opened in a muted horror. Tuffs of blonde hair spiked from the scalp. One side of the head sported a large crack from which butterflies emerged. It appeared three-dimensional, created with lumpy, tissue-like material. Whoever had drawn the picture had artistic talent and a gruesome imagination.

– Asylum by Tamera Lawrence

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