Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening

In the memoir, Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening, Julie Coons shares how her dream house morphed into a life-threatening nightmare. For most, if not all, of us, a home is synonymous with a place of comfort, peace, and joy. When Julie Coons moved to a beautiful house with her husband and daughter, she hoped to feel an overwhelming warmth wash over her. After her difficult childhood with an abusive mother and a gut-wrenching marriage, she deserved a place to call home sweet home. Instead, she received demonic activities comparable to the most daunting horror movies. While the evil spirits were taunting, scratching, bruising, and filling her brain with unimaginable fear, she found the worst part was going through the whole trepidation alone. Her husband, Jeff, mostly refused to acknowledge the paranormal activities, and her daughter, Stephanie, was too young.

During her quest to rid her dream house of the paranormal beings, Julie Coons had to confront many of her past wounds. Even though she had very troubling memories with the church, she sought help from the priest, only to be turned away again. Her findings of poltergeists, the significance of the trinity in demonic experiences, and empaths were addictive, to say the least. The fact that Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening describes the real-life events of Julie Coons’ life increased the horror-quotient of the memoir multifold. The phrase, hard to put down, never suited to any other book better. As with her other memoirs, certain information seems repetitive at first, but then you understand that she deliberately does this to converse with her readers. This style of writing makes an impression as if the author is having a conversation with its audience. 

Living here, in this dream house of horrors, was like moving into the worst nightmare I could have ever imagined. I had no peace. I was tired all the time. The house was sucking the life out of me and I was constantly sick. Jeff was changing. He was getting angrier. Stephanie was having trouble concentrating in school. I didn’t know it, but I was getting depressed. I was even contemplating suicide.

– Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening by Julie Coons 

“The reality is more bizarre than the fiction” is the aptest definition of Julie’s life. Whether it was her traumatizing childhood with her mother or her rocky marriage with an abusive partner, she has gone through more heartbreaks in one life than many of us undergo in many lifetimes. When humans could not break her strong spirit, there came the demons. And what a hellish ride it had been! Her transformation from being a terror-stricken woman to a determined survivor is spellbinding. Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening by Julie Coons is a horrifying yet inspiring memoir that is not for the faint of heart.

I was in the middle of washing my hair when I felt an extra set of hands on my head. As soon as I felt the fingers they turned to claws that were forcefully trying to dig into my scalp. I screamed and almost ran through the shower glass door. It was so painful… it felt like multiple knives were digging into my skull. I was so frantic I tripped and fell out of the shower. I had blood dripping from my head all over the new rug I had just purchased.

– Haunted: A Paranormal Awakening by Julie Coons 

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