This Last Chance by D.L. Finn

I have reviewed This Last Chance by D.L. Finn for Reader’s Favorite.

This Last Chance by D.L.Finn presents a delectable combination of thriller and paranormal plots that surround the protagonist, Amber. Ever since Amber’s sister, Iris, was murdered, Amber was looking for answers. On the sixth month anniversary of Iris’s brutal killing, she sensed danger lurking around her. She reported the strange occurrences to the cops and her colleagues, but none of them believed her. Frustrated with a lack of answers, she decided to hire a private detective to at least put a face and a name to Iris’ killer. However, fate had different plans for her. Yet, all was not lost for Amber. Unbeknownst to her, angels were doing everything in their might to protect her. Besides these mystical beings, one of the evildwels, a creature who fed on fear and pain, was feeling protective toward Amber. This attraction brought him both fear and hope.

It was a familiar feeling since her sister’s murder. She couldn’t stop the anticipated quiver from surging through her with the image of Iris’s body tossed away like trash next to the garbage bin. It hit her every time with the same punch as the first time she’d seen the picture. Nothing that happened that night made any sense to Amber. Iris shouldn’t have been in that part of town in a dark alley. She was supposed to be at work.

An excerpt from This Last Chance by D.L. Finn

This Last Chance has just the right ingredients that make a book a compelling page-turner. The introduction of a paranormal entity named evildwel is definitely a stroke of genius. If the suspense of the killer didn’t tempt the audience enough, which was definitely not the case, the urge to know more about this creature proved to be beyond words. Contrary to the other evildwels and their inherent desire to feed on pain and fear, Nester surrendered to his attraction toward good. Nevertheless, this surrender posed a threat to his existence. D.L. Finn infused enough personality in Nester to make the audience empathetic toward him. Whether it’s attention-seeking Britany or charming senator, each side character manages to impart diversity to the plot. At the same time, every single one of them remained a suspect in the eyes of both protagonist and the audience.

“Humankind was still new when we arrived, but they supplied us with a feast, much like the banquets spread out for kings and queens. I don’t like to admit it to you, but I’ve dined on the hatred and misery with each blow inflicted through slavery, genocide, torture, burning witched, wars, serial killers, or a man simply abusing his wife or child. Human hatred and fear were delicious food for me.

An excerpt from This Last Chance by D.L. Finn

D.L. Finn excelled in creating engaging conversations and stimulating scenes. The meticulous blend of paranormal and thriller elements has hatched a fascinating read. Moving at a steady pace, This Last Chance by D.L. Finn is an engrossing thriller that readers would come to love and recommend others.

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