Earth Angel by Chris Stevenson

Earth Angel by Chris H. Stevenson presents an engrossing concoction of supernatural and thriller genres. Dean was so absorbed in the case involving The Tooth Fairy, a vicious serial killer, that he had lost all sense of his personal life. Every time the news reported another victim, he drowned himself into alcohol. His fiancée, Daryl, tried to control his unruly behavior, but then her own life took a chaotic turn of events after a terrible accident. Fortunately, the doctors found a donor and performed a quick surgery that helped her regain the lost vision of her left eye. However, this gift turned out to be more of a burden when she began spotting strange beings around humans. With The Tooth Fairy on the loose and her bizarre talent, the circumstances were bound to go out of control.

By he she knew he meant the only serial killer to ever assault Remington, California. The Tooth Fairy. He was so named for his penchant for knifing his victims to death then extracting a single tooth via a pair of pliers. The homicide were bad enough, but performing such a sick act on teenager girls had raised the hackles of every resident in Riverside County…

An Excerpt from Earth Angel by Chris H. Stevenson

Although Earth Angel is centered around a barbaric murderer and supernatural beings, the inner turmoils of the characters add a variety to the plot. Daryl’s insecurity that Dean would not find her attractive after the accident is relatable to a great extent and it enhances the humane factor of the story. While Dean buried himself into the case and alcohol, the audience recognized the fanatical hold of the case on his psyche. And with that recognition arose a riveting desire to identify the killer and be privy to his reasons for such ruthless crimes. As if these weren’t enough compelling reasons to keep the pages turning, the intrigue of ghostly creatures following humans provided another motivation.

He wasn’t going to let this go, she realized. The man was guilt-racked, intent on salving wounds that reached deeper than the physical kind. She remembered that the serial killer case had nearly driven him over the edge. Now he had to contend with another menace on the loose: the thug who’d nearly killed them with a botched carjacking.

An Excerpt from Earth Angel by Chris H. Stevenson

Having said that the only aspects that appeared a bit off in the story comprised of the moments when Daryl addressed Dean in her inner dialogues. Other than that Chris H. Stevenson has crafted a plot worthy of a reader’s time. Earth Angel by Chris H. Stevenson would appeal to the bookworms who have an interest in crime fiction that has a twist of supernatural element to it.

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