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The Tech, Mark Ravine’s debut thriller, offers the readers a full-fledged insight into the FBI. Supervisory Special Agent Alexandra Cassidy’s skills as an FBI agent were exemplary, yet she was transferred frequently. However, this fourth transfer presented the most challenging team of “rejects” from across the country and a series of a tangled web of cases. Although she solved each of those cases in record time, which shocked her difficult boss, she could not shake a nagging feeling that somehow each of these cases was connected. In addition to her list of worries, there was an undeniable possibility of a mole in the FBI. Her team consisted of diverse characters, but surprisingly, the IT support, Michael Patterson, aka Mike, filled her thoughts more than others. There was a distinguished air about him that seemed to fill her with contradictory feelings. She suspected that for tech support, Mike knew more than he let on.

Yes an armored car delivered a large cash consignment to the bank yesterday. Even with their reconnaissance, the robbers would not have known about it unless they had inside information. The timing of the robbery was decided weeks ago. I have that on tape for your review whenever you are ready.”

Mike retorted, “I remember the tape. I don’t need to hear it again. Have you been able to track the reason for the consignment?”

An excerpt from The Tech by Mark Ravine

The thriller aspect of The Tech has enough intrigue to keep a reader turning the pages. Whether it was the case of a bank robbery or human trafficking, Mark Ravine infused each of those with remarkable riddles and clues. Mike continued to supply the team with enough tips from the shadows. Unlike the characters of The Tech, the readers have been given insight about Mike using advanced software, which he referred to as Aisha) to solve various crimes. Despite this knowledge, the readers could not pinpoint his motives. The author has done an impeccable job of presenting him as a mysterious figure. At times, the analysis and conclusions of Aisha came across as borderline bizarre. However, the plot never lost its magnetic hold from the readers.

Nancy summarized her thoughts quickly, pretty much echoing Alexandra’s own analysis. It was a puzzle why the robbers had chosen to go to the roof. The SUV had been found several yards away, ostensibly driven by the maintenance man who had attacked Val and Gabriella. From the footage inside the bank, she had gathered little except for the maintenance man standing near the silent alarm. How and why he had been allowed so close to it they had yet to determine.

An excerpt from The Tech by Mark Ravine

The Tech does not just rely on its plot to keep the suspense alive, though. The peculiar characters with their puzzling attitude and inexplicable reactions contributed to the overall enigma of the story. The dialogues started as a tad animated but soon, the conversations turned into engaging. Those conveyed facts and speculations without catching an informative tone. The budding romance between characters provided a fun-filled escape from time to time. Mark Ravine’s knowledge about FBI protocols and technology shines through and provides authenticity to the amazing thriller. The Tech by Mark Ravine would certainly turn out to be a treat to thriller lovers who appreciate a well-written and engrossing plot consisting of special agents.

“You’ve met him already?” Ramsay seemed surprised. “I’m pleased you’ve taken charge of your team so quickly.” He didn’t seem pleased at all, as his next words revealed. “However I would have preferred to have performed the introductions. Did you know that they’re basically discards from across the country?”

He seemed disinclined to discuss them further and his disgust with them was evident, the clear implication being that one discard was leading a team of other discards.

An excerpt from The Tech by Mark Ravine

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