The Tech by Mark Ravine #BookReview

The Tech, Mark Ravine’s debut thriller, offers the readers a full-fledged insight into the FBI. Supervisory Special Agent Alexandra Cassidy’s skills as an FBI agent were exemplary, yet she was transferred frequently. However, this fourth transfer presented the most challenging team of “rejects” from across the country and a series of a tangled web of cases. Although she solved each of those cases in record time, which shocked her difficult boss, she could not shake a nagging feeling that somehow each of these cases was connected.

Life Outside “Windows”

Before I start pouring my heart out on this post, I wish to declare that I have no ill-will against technology; on the contrary, I am one of the biggest fans of it. The advent of technology has undoubtedly changed the view inside and outside our windows. For the good parts, it has reduced the…