The Shadow’s Secrets by Anna Casamento Arrigo

I have reviewed The Shadow’s Secrets by Anna Casamento Arrigo for Reader’s Favorite.

The Shadow’s Secrets by Anna Casamento Arrigo explores the conflicting human emotions that often leave us at crossroads. Each action determines our final destination in life. Father Nunzio Aragona had taken the oath to serve God but, when he laid eyes on Mariella, he felt a magnetic pull like no other. Although the thought of breaking his pledge of celibacy laid heavy on him, he could not ignore the depth of his emotions. Unbeknownst to him, Mariella’s husband, Paolo, was an abusive man. Mariella endured severe lashings by him, and the scars ran deep in her body, soul, and mind. Night after night, she cried herself to sleep until she found love in the arms of Nunzio. But, is an escape even possible for the priest and his beloved?

Anna Casamento Arrigo has not shied away from describing any human emotion; Nunzio’s longing for Mariella, Paolo’s cruelty, Mariella’s bleeding heart are just a few examples of those feelings. The sincerity of the author is evident in the narration of each scene. The slow pace of the story is in harmony with the sensitive plot. Nunzio and Mariella’s conversations range from religious interpretations to historical discussions. With just the right amount of twists, this book is sure to entertain the readers. The Shadow’s Secrets by Anna Casamento Arrigo would gradually grip you and leave you empathetic toward the characters. I would recommend it to the readers who enjoy a slow-paced fiction filled with intriguing twists, contrasting emotions, amusing plot, and deep conversations.

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