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Not enough is discussed about the struggle, pain, and heartbreak of a previvor. Kathryn R. Biel has changed that in her book, Ready for Whatever – The UnBRCAble Women Series Book 1. Since Millie’s mother and grandmother both died of cancer, her doctor decided to schedule a routine checkup to see how her body was doing. This was supposed to be just a cautionary checkup; however, her report revealed that she had BRCA -1 gene mutation. This diagnosis meant that she would have an 80% chance of developing breast cancer and up to a 70% chance of getting an Ovarian cancer. Keeping that in mind, the doctor recommended her to go through hysterectomy, mastectomy, and reconstruction. These medical terms, in short, meant that she would lose her real breasts and ability to conceive.

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As she was only 29 years of age, this news really turned her world upside down. She turned to the support of her best friend, Lisa, who kept cracking jokes on her situation. Whenever she mentioned the reason for her surgeries, they all commented that she should be happy that at least it wasn’t Cancer. These comments infuriated her, but she chose not to express her feelings. When one of her student’s father, Sterling, approached her with no judgment in his eyes and offered any help that she might need, she couldn’t help but be attracted towards him. Although he seemed like a perfect guy, how could she open herself up with the loss that those surgeries left her with?

Millie’s Diagnosis

Ready for Whatever – The UnBRCAble Women Series Book 1 by Kathryn R. Biel talks about a very sensitive issue in a light tone that enhances the reading experience. One would expect the tone of such a book to be sad, but the author has surprised her readers by keeping Millie’s dialogues full of wit and humor. This is not to say that she has mocked the whole situation; on the contrary, she has revealed all the traumatic and hard facts that a previor goes through. Lisa is Millie’s best friend, yet she failed to be considerate towards her friend’s needs. Instead of offering her shoulder to Millie, she decided to be a real jerk about it. The execution of the story is perfect to the T. The plot moves at a steady speed towards the end.

Lisa’s Insensitivity

The perfect audience of Ready for Whatever – The UnBRCAble Women Series Book 1 by Kathryn R. Biel would consist of the previvors, their families, and people who wish to know about the emotional rollercoaster that previvors go through. I am eternally grateful to the author for helping me know more about the ways I can help a previvor.

Humorous Dialogues

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