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The plot of Amityville Magic – Once Upon a time there was a Fairy Tale by Renay Jordan mainly revolves around two people: Adrian and Lorelei. From the first time, Adrian laid eyes on Lorelei, there was a magnetic pull that never wavered. Loving each other was more than just emotion to them; it became second nature to them. This fascination should have meant that they would live together forever; however, that was not meant to be. For a long time, their paths did not cross. Did that mean their love ended? Well, for normal people, it would have meant that, but not for Lorelei and Adrian.

Book Cover of Amityville Magic by Renay Jordan

Amityville Magic – Once Upon a time there was a Fairy Tale by Renay Jordan is not just another love story. Adrian has a twin sister named Tiffany. Their mother was a troubled lady. She could see and talk to the spirits. She could not handle this gift and was always throwing various tantrums. She loved Tiffany, but not Adrian. For Adrian, her love used to come and go. Adrian’s grandmother had an inn in Amityville named Fairy Tale, and that’s where they all lived together. Just like his mother, Lorelei was also a medium. Adrian had this gift too, but he had learned to control his ability.

Adiran’s feelings towards Lorelei

Amityville Magic has not been tied down to any one genre: With Lorelei, Adrian and Adrian’s mother, the author has explored supernatural element, by using Adrian’s job as a DA agent, she has included a criminal aspect, and of course, by incorporating Adrian and Lorelei as a couple, the author has put forth the most intriguing romance ever. One thing that’s quite commendable is the author’s knowledge and ability to include tidbits about several cultures, including, but not limited to Indian, Italian, etc.

I could not help but fall in love with Lorelei’s free spirit and Adrian’s wit. She does not follow the norms of society and creates her own path. Although she appears to be a strong woman, there is a sadness in her character that only Adrian seems to get through to. She is undeterred, a tad lost, intelligent, and a breath of fresh air. Adrian, on the other hand, is always logical and practical, but that all goes away when it comes to Lorelei. He has a sense of humor that put a smile on my face throughout the read. The author definitely knows her characters and that reflects beautifully in the book.

Sneak Peek into Amityville Magic

If instead of incorporating several elements at once, the author had just followed through on one of the elements, my experience would have been enhanced even more. Adrian’s ability to be a medium remained untouched almost till the end, which is quite unfortunate because I loved when that part started. Perhaps, this is the reserved story-line for next book in this series.

Also, the love triangle of Adrian, Lorelei, and Lilah never got closure. There were dialogues regarding it, but no particular action that could have given me, as a reader, a closure. Lorelei and Lilah were supposed to meet, but they never did. Again, maybe a context reserved to be explored in the next book. Adrian and Lorelei’s son appeared and disappeared without closure. He never met both Lorelei and Adrian together. Of course, this could be my personal opinion, but there are several open ends that would keep bothering me until I get to know more about all these aspects.

Another Sneak Peek

This is a type of book that you read to be a part of a journey. Amityville Magic – Once Upon a time there was a Fairy Tale by Renay Jordan does not fall in any particular category. If you are a reader, who enjoys a book that lets you be a part of several lives without rushing to a climax, then this is the book for you. There is no doubt in my mind that the author is extremely talented and an even better story-teller.

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