Overland: 16 Total Strangers Traveling through 8 Countries in 1 Broken Down Truck – Welcome to Africa by Pete Mandra #BookReview

Although a cynic would doubt that a book, whose plot is based entirely upon traveling across Africa for six weeks in a truck filled with strangers, would be entertaining enough to actually allow them to immerse in it, the author’s humorous and sarcasm-filled writing with just enough details about the journey would definitely prove to be the most delightful read ever. The humorous take on the adversities and mostly boring drive across Africa is the most refreshing manner of writing. As Paul and Megan decide to fulfill their desire to travel the world, the exotic and wild charm of Africa proved to be the ultimate decision maker. They booked an ovrerland touring with the African Wanderer, which meant sharing a truck with other strangers who would have booked through the same company. In the timespan of six weeks, they were scheduled to cover many popular attractions throughout Africa. Throughout the journey, they were expected to be camping, which proved to be the most annoying part of the trip.

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Their travel companions were all pieces of work; ranging from an irritating travel snob to a group of self-centered Australians to a lazy-ass man lynching away unappreciatively on his wife to a variety of “characters.” With the constant struggle of holding himself from killing his “travel buddies” to keeping himself somehow excited to complete the six-weeks tour even though most of the scenery outside the moving truck remained dull and uninspiring. As miles after miles passed, the doubt of whether the decision of traveling to Africa instead of going to Australia, Europe or Asia was wise began creeping in the minds of both Paul and Megan. The unexciting description of their initial journey would have put the readers to sleep, if it wasn’t for the witty writing of the talented author, Pete Mandra, of  Overland: 16 Total Strangers Traveling through 8 Countries in 1 Broken Down Truck – Welcome to Africa.

Just when the idea of traversing through the exotic lands of Africa that promised so much in the travel brochure began too much to handle, things looked up. As soon as the wildlife sightings began, the lost thrill of Megan and Paul slowly began to return; however, for how long it remained is for the readers to find out by picking up the book themselves. Real Africa is in the pages of the book along with many precious advices for anybody willing to take a leap of faith into its promising lands.

This book would prove golden to the people who are curious about Africa or are planning to witness the allure of Africa themselves. Overland: 16 Total Strangers Traveling through 8 Countries in 1 Broken Down Truck – Welcome to Africa by Pete Mandra stole my heart and I cannot wait to read another book by him.


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  1. BellyBytes says:

    Well funny or not , it’s tough travelling with strangers . And even more brave of the author to write about it ! I would never r punt my tales in such a public fashion for fear of reprisals.

    1. I never really tried traveling with strangers, but I can imagine it must be hard.

      1. BellyBytes says:

        I’ve travelled once on a pilgrimage and it was fascinating….

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