Dante’s Town of Terror by Patrick R. Delaney #BookReview

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite.

Dante’s Town of Terror by Patrick R. Delaney is a horrifying tale of a camping trip from hell. Brian took his friend Bill and daughter Cathy on a camping trip; however, somewhere along the road, they took a wrong turn and got lost in a deep dark forest. This forest was not just filled with vicious animals, but monsters who were only flesh and blood hungry. By a stroke of luck, they managed to get out of this forest and in a town. Nevertheless, as soon as they took a sigh of relief of being out of that godforsaken place, they realized this town was a hell on earth. The whole town had no sign of humans. It seemed as if every living being, with the exception of demonic creatures that lurked in the town day and night, had abandoned the place. Since the moment they entered this town, it did not stop raining; they were cold and tired, but the terrible sights in front of them kept them moving. With Bill’s cop instincts guiding Brian and Cathy, they kept going forward despite having all kinds of terrifying thoughts. They used humor as one of their strategies to maintain their sanity. Cathy’s teenage banters checked their patience every now and then. As more and more sightings of blood and dead bodies appeared in their path, the camping trip that was supposed to be rejuvenating quickly turned into a struggle for survival.


I am extremely impressed by the gripping tale that the author has narrated. I had goosebumps throughout the read. The author’s talent is oozing in every page. I was on the edge of my seat until the last page. As a reader, I connected with the characters so easily that I actually prayed for their survival. Any fatal attack on their lives gave me chills. I could not bear the thought of reading further without the presence of any one of them. The author has so many tricks up his sleeves that there is no dull moment. This is no ordinary fiction; this is a book that, if gets right audience and publicity, would become the most talked about book of this year. Every little detail, including but not limited to scenes, buildings, characters, monsters, is described so meticulously that I was drawn into Dante’s Town of Terror and could not get out of it even after finishing the last chapter. I know with certainty that this book would remain with me for a long time to come. It would become a benchmark on which I’ll measure every other book of similar genres.

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