#ProductReview: Aroma Magic Brightening Beauty Pack

Aroma Magic’s products never cease to amaze me. They really work. I am great that I came through their brand, trusted my instincts, and tried their products. I have reviewed other face pack of this brand and you can find it here: #ProductReview: Aroma Magic Anti Pigmentation Glossy Pack. 

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Coming back to the product in hand, Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Brightening Beauty Pack promises to clarify and brighten the skin. Along with that, it explains that the ingredients used in this product should purify, soften, and enhance the complexion. Since it uses essential oil, it goes on to ensure that it would work on firming the skin, ridding of the wrinkles; therefore, delaying the effects of ageing.
Since this face pack is free of parabens, alcohol, and harsh chemicals, it should not have any bad effect on the quality of the skin. However, people may be allergic to any ingredient used in any product. So, read the list of the ingredients carefully.
Did it do any wonders for me?
When I applied it for the first time, I did not notice any vast difference on my skin; however, the next morning, I observed a healthy glow on my skin. I discarded it thinking that something else might have worked. After 2-3 days, I reapplied the face pack, and the same thing happened. My skin brightened and looked healthier the next day. So, this is the product that takes time in making an entrance.
Before and After
Right after washing the pack, I observed that my skin was not dry at all. In fact, last night I had applied this pack, washed my face and went to bed without applying any moisturizer/night cream; still, I woke up with enough moisture on my face. I am happy with the product. It costs only 395/- for 100g.
If you want an instant effect, you may want to skip this face pack; however, if you have 12 hours’ lag then you must accept its helping hand and present your best face forward 😉

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