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I read a popular post on FB last night (or this morning, I can’t remember) and it truly touched me. It was a dying woman’s letter to the world. Here is the link, if you are interested:

This post made me wonder how we live our lives. We are running behind our careers, relationships, money, promotion, kids among million other things. We are obsessing over every little thing in our lives, all the while knowing that we have no control over anything. However, when it comes to devoting a little time to our own welfare or amusement, we take a long guilt trip.


A Book that teaches the importance of living every moment and understanding yourself


This is mainly an issue with many women. They feel extremely selfish and guilty any time they take a tiny break to take a trip they always wanted or enjoy a day away from their crying and demanding kids or simply sitting and doing nothing. I have had the honor of knowing many hardworking women. They all complained about how their husbands were acting ungrateful or how their kids were being reluctant to follow their advice or how they were tired all the time or how they had given up on their hopes and dreams to take care of their families. Hearing the same issues, I always wondered who stops them from pursuing what they want. How can taking a time-out every now and then make them selfish? Isn’t life about exploring your true-self? What’s so selfish about carving out time for your spiritual, physical, or mental healing?


Instead of obsessing over every tiny aspect of life, just let it be 😉


I have observed one thing. Most of the bitter people that have come across me have had very less (or no) hobbies at all. This set of people are in good position but have an almost negligent amount of understanding. I am not demeaning anyone and I might be connecting two entirely separate attributes together, but this has been my observation. There was a time in my life when I tried to follow “home to office and office to home routine” with nothing different to look forward to. There was nothing that defined the real me. I could not understand what was bothering me but the nagging feeling of something being out of place never left my head. Fortunately, I realized my need for me time soon enough and began doing things that soothed my intellectual appetite. Thus, started my journey towards a fabulous “me.”


Cheers to Carving Out Time for Yourself


Although there might be a million things withholding you from spending some quality time with yourself, you must find a way to cherish yourself. It could be as simple as watching your favorite sitcom or as complex as learning a new concept, if it excites you, go for it. Do something fun, push your boundaries, learn a new makeup trick or a language, start a blog, visit a friend, plan regular hangouts with your close friends, or simply meditate. Carve out “me time” and reap the numerous benefits of the same.


This post is in response to the Daily Post Prompt of the day: Carve.

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