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This is going to be the shortest post that I have probably ever written, but I had to put it out there. There is nothing worse than a cakey and patchy makeup. At least, I believe this to be true. It’s such a turn off for me. I’ve done my share of patchy makeup but I realized the trick of applying a flawless makeup is not only in buying the right products but also in learning the technique of spreading it on your skin. This is nothing new but I wanted my readers to read it here first.
The key is patience. Whether you are applying foundation or concealer or color corrector, patience is the most sought-after attribute. If you are a makeup brush or sponge wizard, then you must patiently blend the makeup until it’s spread out evenly. If you like using your fingers for the makeup, then make sure to use dab dab motion and not the massaging one. When we massage the products, we do not spread it evenly; however, with the dab dab motion, we not only apply it uniformly all over the skin but also control where the product risks distorting the layer of different product that was applied before this one. I have noticed that the makeup thus applied not only produces a flawless skin but also tends to stay longer.
The most brilliant tip that I can give you is once you finish doing your makeup, go out in the daylight with a hand mirror (if it’s daytime, of course) and see how does your face look in natural daylight. Sometimes, we appear flawless in the artificial lighting inside the house, but the moment you step outside, the daylight mocks your makeup abilities 🙁
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