Linfa-Age by Bottega di LungaVita Nourishing Shampoo #Review

I have had reservations about which hair product to use and which to stay far away from for as far back as I can remember. When it comes to hair care, I stick to the basics; oil your hair one night before shampooing, apply eggs and/curds once in two weeks, etc. However, the problem with applying plenty of oil at bedtime is the trepidation that follows while shampooing. I can’t count how many times I washed my head in the morning and noticed that oil has decided to stick around. It has been a common occurrence with me and my main issue with this problem has been the fact that I could notice the traces of oil only after my hair has dried off. By that time, there is generally nothing that I can do.
Therefore, I have made it a habit to wash my hair with shampoo once and then, just for the sake of getting rid of every trace of oil, I re-apply the shampoo and wash it off. I have been a fan of those hair products that consist of mostly natural ingredients due to obvious reasons. Nobody wants harsh chemicals to damage their hair. Anyway, a few days back I came across Linfa-Age Nourishing Shampoo for Dry, Frail, Fine Hair by Bottega di Lungavita. I had my reservations about it because I had never heard about it but the reviews of the product tempted me to try it. So, I ordered the shampoo whose name I can’t remember for a long time, and I am so glad that I did.
As always, I had applied plenty of oil (truly speaking, more than required) at bedtime and rushed to try my brand new shampoo in the morning. The packaging is a very convenient one. There is a pointed hole to allow the content of the shampoo to come out in a very consistent manner. The shampoo is completely transparent. There is nothing peculiar or mesmerizing about its fragrance, but there is something refreshing about it. The packaging says it contains olive, carrot, and wheat.
After jotting down all these observations to my memory, I took a little amount of the shampoo and began washing my hair. What amazed me immediately was how quickly my hair began producing a squeaky sound, which is a known sign of clean hair. My head that was filled with a lot of hair oil never became squeaky clean in one wash, but this shampoo managed to bless me with that miracle. I was seriously ecstatic and so glad that I ordered this miraculous product.

  • Only a little amount is required
  • Packaging is very convenient
  • Easy to Use
  • Contains natural products
  • Produces sufficient lather
  • Gives a squeaky clean finish almost instantly
  • Hair feels soft and glossy after one wash

Points of Possible Reservations for Some Consumers:

  • There is nothing extraordinary about its fragrance

To me, Linfa-Age Nourishing Shampoo for Dry, Frail, Fine Hair by Bottega di Lungavita is an absolutely flawless product. I don’t mind that it doesn’t smell extraordinary; as long as it produces such awesome results.
This post is also in response to the Daily Post Prompt of the day: Reservation.

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