When You Are Almost There #TheDailyPost

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My favorite song for a long time had been “Almost here” by Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem. If you haven’t heard this song, you can click here to check out the lyrics. The song is about a very heartfelt conversation between lovers where the girl doesn’t feel that the boy is really present with her; however, the boy is pleading his case by mentioning how much he loves her and how he can change the world for her. Initially, I could not realize how can someone be “almost here,” but then I grew up and witnessed many cases where people were only almost there in the moment.

IMG_20171220_194646 By just being present in the moment, I managed to find sheer joy in locating my favorite author’s (Lewis Carroll) book in a club while partying :-*

With the number of distractions present all around us and the amount of fascination being thrown…

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