#BookReview: Thrive Medicine – How To Cultivate Your Desires And Elevate Your Life by Colin Zhu, DO

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Thrive Medicine – How To Cultivate Your Desires And Elevate Your Life by Colin Zhu, DO is a book that motivates its readers to not just live the life, rather thrive in it. This is a self-help book consisting of many inspirational thoughts. He has covered many aspects of life and described how we can improve in these aspects very patiently. Our (that includes almost each one of us) emotional tendencies, reactions, and thought processes are so similar that it’s spooky. We have all become machines trying to follow the footsteps of others without realizing what we really wish to do in our lives. The safe path that others have been following may be practical but it cannot impart happiness to us. Enough has been said and written on this topic; however, what makes author’s writing unique is the manner in which he has presented the same subject. By using quotes from famous people and including anecdotes from his own life, he has ensured that the idea would sink into the heads of the readers.

Thrive Medicine is an eye-opener to the fact that is known to all but not “really known” to all of us. For instance, we all know that we are going to die and that our days on earth are numbered, but how many of us are actually living the limited time that is allocated to us. By incorporating the quote of Socrates from the Movie, Peaceful Warrior, he touched just the right chords of my brains. Here is the quote, “Death is not sad. The sad thing is most people don’t live at all.”

He has not only provided us with a variety of food for thought but also pushed us to celebrate our uniqueness and not be waivered by the criticism and judgment of others. Just because certain path did not work for somebody, it does not mean that the same path would not work for you as well. Instead of believing in our gut feeling, we begin doubting and judging ourselves. These days people are working overtime more than ever without realizing the adverse effects that it is projecting on our health. The author has given the harsh reality about the tendency to overwork. Productivity is not proportional to the hours spent on any task.

There are many pearls of wisdom in this book. The author has talked about the benefits of travel, gratitude, unconditional love, self-love among other important attributes. He has done a commendable job of directing the readers towards the qualities that really matter in life. We tend to get distracted by how well others are doing and begin judging ourselves harshly instead of recognizing our true potential and/or path. As far as self-help books go, Thrive Medicine – How To Cultivate Your Desires And Elevate Your Life by Colin Zhu, DO has done a great job by providing the readers with many tools (his try it yourself exercises at the end of each chapter being my favorite) to thrive in life.


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