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Although fashion world keeps on changing every other day, what fascinates me the most about today’s fashion is its inclination toward cozy and comfortable styles. Take dungarees, crop tops, ripped denims, boyfriend jeans for instance. Girls all over the world are not only taking their chances with these cozy pieces but are, in fact, rocking these artifacts. In India, the trend of wearing palazzos with kurtis has redefined comfort on so many levels. This twist on ethnic look has produced a wave that has touched ladies of every age, shape, and size. They are all revolutionizing traditional fashion without even knowing it.

One of my favorite cozy style for summers: A Dress with a long shrug/kimono on top with sneakers

The thing about a cozy style is it boosts confidence. Remember how disturbingly shaken Ross was when he wore those leather pants? If you don’t know this reference then we can’t be FRIENDS. Got the drill? Anyway, it’s very important to know when comfort has superceded style. Of course, style is not something that can be caged within parameters of any sorts; one person’s style might be anther person’s definition of sheer madness. To me, style is something that makes me feel good about myself regardless of what others might think. Have you seen Lady Gaga and her typical outfits on a red carpet? Some might mock her; however, if those attires made her feel confident, then who are we to judge her choices.
My Cozy Style for Winters: A top with a jacket/overcoat/coat with ripped denims (if winter is a little forgiving) and boots. Add a few trinkets to enhance the overall appeal.

Got a little carried away there — didn’t I? Coming back to the point, a cozy style is always my preferred choice, but sometimes, I admit I choose looking extra stylish over comfort. It depends on the type of event that I am attending among other things. What’s your take on this topic? Let’s have a heart to heart conversation.
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