#BookReview: In the Moment (The Friessens Book 8) by Lorhainne Eckhart

Reviewed by me for Reader’s Favorite

In the Moment by Lorhainne Eckhart is the eighth book in her The Friessens Book series. Becky is bored of living the same life in the same boring place. Her parents, Brad Friessen and Emily Friessen, are probably the most loving and caring people on earth. Their love for each other has survived many adversities and is still blossoming. Even amidst this much love and care, Becky does not feel a connection with the life that she has been living. Her heart craves excitement, thrill, and adventure. She assumes that getting into a college that’s far away from her hometown might bring her out of the predictable life that she has been living so far. The only problem is that she is not sure about what course she wishes to pursue and what direction she wants to follow. However, destiny brings the excitement that she so dearly prays for in the form of a man, Dr. Tom Campbell. The moment he meets Becky, he gets mesmerized by her spark, naivety, and stubbornness. As he does not believe in dating, he proposes to Becky something so outrageous that any girl would have stormed off. Nevertheless, Becky actually finds himself considering his proposal all the while knowing that the consequences of accepting such a disrespectful proposal would not agree with her family.

When I started reading In the Moment by Lorhainne Eckhart, I was quite taken by the beautiful description of a big and loving family. The time that the author spent in giving life to the supporting characters — Becky’s parents and brother, Jack — is definitely refreshing. I enjoyed the protective side of her dad, Brad, a lot. The author has really extracted the essence of fatherhood and poured it all down in his character. His dialogues and reactions are supremely written. Becky’s character is a complex one. She is sometimes very confident and sure of herself; whereas, the very next moment behaves like a very silly girl. I found her annoying in certain instances. However, I do not hold it against the author because only when a reader develops certain feelings (good or bad) towards the characters of a book, the reading becomes truly enjoyable. This is what the incredible writing of the author delivered.

The plot moved at a very graceful pace and the development was very smooth. The complex involvement of Becky and Tom was so unpredictable that I couldn’t make up my mind about their relationship until almost the end. The only thing that ticked me off for a few chapters was the resemblance of the plot with 50 Shades of Grey. The similarity was so close that for a while I wondered whether it’s going to be an exact replica of that story. Thankfully, my suspicion did not turn out to be true and the author changed the course of the plot very elegantly and tactfully. The element of family love kept the book from becoming a mere erotica. In fact, the family drama mostly took the forefront and a few sexual scenes remained in the background. The author’s story-telling skills are definitely worth an applause. The attraction between Tom and Becky is so intense that it would leave its readers craving to experience such a magnetic pull towards someone themselves.In the Moment would appeal to the readers who love an intense romantic tale with a family angle involved in it.

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