#Review: Maybelline Express Eye & Lip Makeup Remover #TotalClean

Hey, Fashionistas! I know it’s been a while since I published any post. I have been super active on my Insta page (@stalktalkfashion) though, so if you follow me there, you must have seen me frequently. However, my wordpress blog has been sidelined for about a month. It’s just that I have been juggling through many projects and haven’t managed time very well. Enough babbling for now! Let’s get back to the product review. Yay!
When I saw Maybelline New York’s New Clean Express Total Clean Express Eye & Lip Makeup Remover on a supermarket shelf a few years ago, I snorted a little and made a sarcastic comment to my friend,”Yeah! sure. Now I need a makeup remover just for my eyes and lips.” Still, ironically enough, I was back after a few days to grab a bottle of the same for myself. I had just began using Chambor’s eyeliner and it was super waterproof. Along with the eyeliner, I had bought red lipcolor too of the same brand (Chambor). Both the products were very stubborn and refused to come off even with a face wash. I was beginning to worry about my eyes and lips. So, I decided to push my sarcastic stupid ego to a side and bough the product that I had mocked just a few days back. Trust me, I needed it.
On first look, I was fascinated with the two different layers of solution visible inside the bottle. It is extremely fascinating. I wish I had an unused bottle to show you what I am talking about, but for now try to really focus and see the two layers in this picture.

Do you see the two layers I was talking about?

The formula that Maybelline has used in this makeup remover gets rid of even the most stubborn lip colors, eyeliners, and kajal. Mascara takes a little effort in coming off, but that’s only beacuse I am too careful with my lashes — I don’t wanna accidently pull them off and remain lash-free for the rest of my life. Just a little amount of the remover on a cotton pad is enough to remove eyeliner and kajal from both the eyes. I take an entirely new cotton pad to remove lip color because I don’t want to cause any unwanted issue on my lips by using liner and kajal stained cotton.
This is definitely an effective remover and it does what it promised. Nevertheless, I have observed one issue and that’s mostly commonsense: while cleaning the eyes, make sure not to take a lot of the product on the cotton because when you are pressing on the lids, you don’t want the excess amount to get squeezed into the eyes. I have failed to do so 2-3 times and it caused irritation in my eyes. Other than it, this is an excellent product.

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