#BookReview: Take The Body And Run – A Mystery with a Chick-Lit Twist by Jada Ryker

The author, Jada Ryker, shows how to keep the humor alive in a plot like a pro even when there are dead bodies appearing left and right in her book, Take the Body and Run – A Mystery with a Chick-Lit Twist. The protagonist, Macey Malloy, has a secret revelation of which could cost her life and to avoid such a situation, she avoids making friends and settling in a place for long. When she takes on the role of the Employee Relations Director at a university, the last thing she is looking for is romance; however, little does she know that she is going to get two eligible bachelors to choose one from — Detective Vince Knox and Dr. Brett Reed. Before you put the book in the Romance section, dead bodies begin appearing from everywhere. To add to the already ongoing suspense and romance, difficult colleagues ensure that Macey does not draw a single breath of relief.

Although it is a murder mystery, humor remains the central flavor of the plot. The dialogues of the characters are filled with funny sarcasm, and reading these dialogues, I giggled, smiled, and laughed at several times. A grin never left my face and that made my day. If you are looking for a serious suspense that would intrigue, terrify, and challenge you then this is definitely not the book for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a light-hearted suspense that is a fast read and humorous then Take the Body and Run would not disappoint you.

The characters are anything but normal. When I first started reading, I wondered who talks/behaves like that in a professional setting, but soon I realized that the author has added an extra dose of “eccentric” in all the colleagues of the university. Expecting anything normal from their actions (or words) would fail me as a reader. When I accepted this fact, my reading experience enhanced multiple folds. Whether it was their obsession with a typewriter or their little games (like calling Macey as Tracey), it was all very amusing. The action scenes have a funny twist all the time; however, if you think no character got hurt, you are sadly mistaken. Amidst all the humor, don’t forget that this is a murder mystery.

I enjoyed my afternoon date with Take the Body and Run. I wanted to know the secret of Macey Malloy more than anything else. When it was revealed, I don’t think I found it worth my curiosity. Nevertheless, the story made me laugh many times and for that reason, I do not regret reading it even a bit.

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