Book Review: Riker’s Calling by Rico Lamoureux

Riker’s Calling is a fast ride into the world of ruthless murders that revolve around a personal investigator, Jeremy Riker. The thriller written by Rico Lamoureux presents some very graphic images of murders. These serial killings are bad as it is, but these are disturbingly connected to the people who are (or have been) a part of Jeremy Riker’s life. When the killer strikes the woman, who Jeremy had fallen in love with, he (Jeremy) decides to protect her daughter (Jaime) with his life. However, this protection is not as easy as it sounds when the killer has gone into an unstoppable (and cleverly executed) killing-spree.

Riker’s Calling is a very quick read. I managed to finish reading it within three hours because I was writing notes for the review as I read it. A regular reader would be able to read it within two hours. The characters are introduced as and when required and haven’t been bombarded at once. I failed to make an emotional connection with the protagonist; however, I could connect with Jaime — although she had a small part in the book. If a killer is on the loose, the cops would show a sense of urgency, but I did not get that vibe from reading.

The plot moved at a constant and comfortable pace. Although it is a quick read, the author did not try to increase the speed and kept on writing at a speed that he started with. The suspense is well maintained and I, as a reader, could not wait to know who the killer was. Without including a spoiler, I would like to add that I could never have guessed the killer. The author knows how to keep a secret until it must be revealed.

Having said all that, I would recommend this book to the readers who enjoy a fast-paced thriller.

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