Top 10 Dreams of a Dreamy Girl!

In these dark and confusing times, do you have any favorite dreams that you would love to see be real? In order to brighten up the mood, I am listing down my top 10 mood-uplifting dreams. I would be willing to sit down and discuss my terms with God to make any one of these come true. Mentioning in the ascending order of favoritism:

10. A Fashion Magazine Editor: I have become a fashion magazine editor. I am surrounded by designers and their creations. I am selecting which piece gets to be published and which has to be discarded. For some reason, my office has the nameplate of “Carrie Bradshaw.” Even in my dream, I am a die-hard SATC fan.

9. A Trip Around the World: I am living the dream of circling around the globe, but the best part is that I am traveling with my family: mom, dad, sis, and hubby. No, no! The best part is that we have taken our sweetheart kids (pets) with us. We are laughing like maniacs and clicking pictures of everything without a care in the world.

8. A WWE Diva: Of course, I wasn’t wrestling. I was just accompanying Stone Cold and Roman Reigns to the ring in the most glamorous way. Well, if you are a WWE fan, you’ll understand the value of this dream.

7. Pride and Prejudice Dream: My regular readers must have guessed it. I have become Mrs. Darcy 😉 That means, I am living the character of Elizabeth. I took the whole romantic rollercoaster ride of this fiction in one stretch of the dream, I believe!

6. I dream of Jeannie: I have always wanted to be able to cast a spell and materialize anything that my heart desired. While watching I dream of Jeannie, I wished to get a Jeannie of my own, whereas while watching Bewitched, I wanted to be able to get the magic on my fingertips. As you know, ‘A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep,’ and in my dreams, I was able to snap my fingers to get whatever I wished for.

5. A Dog Whisperer: I was able to communicate with my best friends (my pets). My sweetheart, Mishty, was talking without even pausing for her breath. Lily, on the other hand, was not talking a lot. As always, she was staring at me when my attention was on Mishty. Laddoo and Buffy were being silly kids, as expected. They were demanding for more food than they could eat. It was so much fun.

4. A Full-Time Blogger: I had quit my job, and I could dedicate all my time to my passion of writing. My reviewers were helping the authors finding the right readers for their books and the readers finding the right books for their pleasure of reading. Somehow, I was making more money than ever! Not sure, how?

3. Wandering in the Wonderland: My love for Alice in Wonderland took me in her world. I spent a lot of time with the Hatter. He mocked me in his own comic way, and I loved every bit of it. I found myself in the middle of the courtroom drama of the king and the queen of hearts. I want to fall asleep right now and re-live this dream.

2. The Princess Diaries Moment: Oh, you guessed it right! My ordinary days were over when I received the news that I was a princess. I was taken to live in a castle. So, probably, it was fairy tale meets the real world kind of deal. I danced in many balls and wore magnificent gowns. That was a beautiful night!

1.An Avatar: Finally, God answered my prayers and descended on the earth with a sole intention of destroying evil. People could walk, fearlessly. I saw myself held at gunpoint — no idea, why — and help came immediately. I don’t remember the whole thing, but I was ecstatic. The sense of safety was overwhelming. Why can’t this dream come true? 🙁

P.S. This post is in response to the daily prompt: Dream

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