Against All Odds, I Have Become a Cheerleader of the Game Of Thrones Saga!

We are living in the age of Game of Thrones saga. I had been hearing the praises of GOT from all directions, and I did not like feeling left out. So, I decided to give this series a try. At the time, Star World was broadcasting the third season of GOT. I thought that there cannot be any harm in watching it. I was absolutely lost. The complicated names and a long list of characters confused me, terribly. I couldn’t segregate evil from the good and did not know whether all the characters were entwined with one another or not. Jon Snow, however, was a sight for sore eyes. I didn’t know his story, and I hated everyone who called him a bastard. Anyway, after two episodes, I gave up.

One day, Adivya and Anurag — my friends and colleagues — were discussing Game of Thrones. I jumped into the conversation and declared that I tried watching the series and comprehended nothing. They asked whether I watched straight from the first season or not. When I confessed the crime of watching it from season 3, Anurag said that I must watch from the beginning to understand the plot. He said that I would enjoy it, then. I love participating in the trending topics, so I decided to give GOT another shot. On Star World, they do not broadcast scenes that are too vulgar or violent; however, other mediums do not filter out such scenes. The nudity, violence, and sight of blood made me very uncomfortable. To add to my horror, a warrior cut off the legs of a horse, and I paused the video for a while. I hate the violence against animal and wasn’t sure if I could continue watching it. I thought about it for a while but decided to watch a little bit more. Before I knew it, I was hooked to the plot.

Game of Thrones has all the right elements to make any story interesting. Many twists, supernatural presence, unexplainable events, dragons, a fireproof lady, giants, battles, conspiracies, treachery, and what not! All the characters know what they are doing. I am scared of Ramsay Bolton and his methods of torture. I have never hated any character more than I hate him. No, let me correct it. There is a tie  between Cersei Lannister and Ramsay Bolton in terms of my hatred towards them.

GOT is an expert in killing favorite characters of its fans. However, nothing shattered my heart more than the murder of Jon Snow. I never liked the Red Lady, but she attempted the resurrection of Jon Snow, I was cheering for her for the entire episode. I was ecstatic when he came back to life in a new haircut!

My favorite character, so far, is Daenerys. She is the mother of the dragons and cannot be burned by fire. The scenes, where she unravels her full potential, leave me gasping for air. Although she is a powerful lady, her character does not lack femininity.  She embraced the role of a wife as well as she adorned the role of a queen. I love how writers have embellished her character.

For those of you, who wish to join the favorite GOT gossips, I would advise starting from the first episode of the first season. Share your thoughts about the saga of Game of Thrones!

P.S. This post is in response to the daily post prompt: Saga


7 thoughts on “Against All Odds, I Have Become a Cheerleader of the Game Of Thrones Saga!

    1. Richa – Watch it. I have heard the show is different from the book. Much more dramatised and for a change better than the book.
      I love the show. Watched it last year, waited for April 2016 and to get to the flow watched it again this year. These days diligently following the latest season. 🙂 I love Arya, Khaleesi, Tyrion and of course Snow 🙂
      Have you seen this post?


  1. Well, welcome to the GOT club 🙂 I love Peter Dinklage’s character..his dialogues, the way he delivers them..he’s my favourite..and I want the worst of deaths for Ramsay Bolton ..really I do 🙂

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    1. To tell you the truth, my constant clinging to this series has been influenced by my desire to participate in the “talk of the town” more than anything else. However, I am glad that I kept following it because now I get the plot, and I know which side I am on 🙂


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