Book Review: Spirit Woman by Debra Shiveley Welch

Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite.

Spirit Woman by Debra Shiveley Welch is a magnificent combination of a fiction and reality. Nickie, tormented by her troubled childhood, shuts herself down to her surroundings. She does not share the details of her past with anyone. Her low self-esteem forces her to believe that there is no hope for her to find love, and so, she has almost given up her quest for true love until she meets Javan Whitman. With him, her fear and doubts vanish into thin air, and — in spite of her wellwisher’s warnings, she ties the knot as soon as he proposes. However, right from the next day of her wedding, she realizes that she has married a demon, and thus, begins her marital journey filled with violence and hatred.

In the book, Spirit Woman, Debra has touched many social issues. In her sneaky way, she advises everyone not to jump into a relationship, blindfolded. Love is blind, but you don’t have to be. Living alone may be depressing, but living with a monster would be life threatening. She has also highlighted the lifelong lack of self-esteem in the people, who have had a less than pleasing childhood. The story is packed with dramatic twists, which are capable of keeping the eyes of the readers fixed on the pages of the book. The portrayal of the characters is done on an emotional level by sharing their stories. In any book, as a reader, I find it the best way of making an instant connection with the characters. The narrative style of writing does justice to the overall plot of the book. The introduction of a guardian angel was a pleasant and welcome surprise. Some of the readers may find it bizarre, but being a hopeless believer of extraordinary existences, I found it intriguing.

I would recommend this book to the readers who feel very strongly against the prevailed injustice against women and who believe in the existence of angels — or, at least, enjoy reading about them.

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