My Bittersweet Relationship with SATC (Sex and the City)

I have watched SATC a million times, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I am obsessed with the series, even though it brings a dark side of my character to the surface. That darkness is called “envy.” I envy these four girls: Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and, of course, Carrie. I envy their strong bond of friendship. Before you think I don’t have friends, I must declare that I have a lot of friends. My friend circle is not restricted to any particular gender. I have known and cherished many friends all my life, and I am sure that I would continue to build relationships. Then what do I envy?

Every time I see them hanging out for a lunch, dinner, clubbing or a simple walk, my heart aches due to the distance between me and my girlfriends. Due to the career, marriage or a simple shift in priority, all the amazing ladies I befriended have moved away from me. Sure, we promise to meet and plan to hang out, but that never works. I am not complaining because half the time, I have been at fault of canceling at the last moment. Nevertheless, the heart wants what it wants.

I do not think about this fact all the time, but SATC seems to know all the right strings to pull around my heart. The way they share their most embarrassing moments and intimate details of their relationships is something that I desire the most. The bond that we shared and cherished in the past, somehow, lost its strength. Not that we don’t love one another anymore; it’s just that we have come too far, and we can’t go back.

I wish I had a group of buddies, and together we would make plans and share our true desires. Moreover, we would just know that we can turn to one another at the time of our need. It seems a little too unrealistic for me because of these reasons:

1. Most of my closest girlfriends live in other cities.
2. A few of them have just been blessed with babies, and, needless to say, their priorities have shifted.
3. A few of them are newly married. They need to spend quality time with their new husbands — pun intended.
4. I am too lazy to move get dressed and go out.

So, you see, I choose to envy the four buddies of the series SATC, and, yet, watch it, religiously.

P.S. This post is in response to the daily post prompt: Buddy

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  1. I too love SATC- huge fan and have been wanting to purchase the series but know that it will become something I want to watch over and over and over…. and over and I don’t really have time for that kind of dedication. Lol. I hear ya!

  2. Parul Thakur says:

    I have heard so much about the show but seen just a couple of episodes. Regarding having fun with girlfriends, I try my hands many times. Though my closest buddies aren’t around, I go out with a group of office peers and even a blogger buddy on and off for coffee. It’s a feel good factor. You should try that too 🙂

  3. I’ve not watched the series regularly, but it does seem like a lot of fun! I can see how you would miss your buddies.

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