Search of a “Cool” Friend – Is It Worth It?

There is a famous saying,”Birds of a feather flock together.” Is this entirely true? In a quest to look cool to the society, many kids hang out with the “cool” kids, even if they do not treat them well. The movie “A Walk to Remember” begins with a guy ending up in the hospital because he tried to join the coven of “cool kids.” I do not know the intention of adding this scene in the movie — perhaps the writer wanted to draw our attention toward this problem or he had another purpose — but I would use this as the building block of my post.

There is nothing wrong with being cool, as long as our feet are firm on the ground. If we are able to differentiate good from bad, we are in the clear. However, the problem arises when we begin following the footsteps of others without listening to that little voice of reason in our own heads. Why not live like a lion? Haven’t you heard,

It is better to live for one day as a tiger than to live for a thousand years as a sheep.

While everybody knows the importance of making friends, do all of us know the significance of good friends? A good friend is not the one who pushes you down a hell hole for a thrilling experience, nor he is the one who promises to be with you as long as you accompany him to the darkness that he has chosen for himself. There is nothing cool about these “cool friends.” Yes, you would laugh a lot with these friends, mostly by belittling others; however, this would not be a long lasting laughter. If you befriend a monster, you are voluntarily dumping your life in a junkyard. I am not saying that there is no way that you cannot come out of the cave of these ignorant “friends,” but I am almost certain that you would come out as a tainted version of yourself; there is a high chance that you would not have any sense of humanity or morality left inside of you. It’s far better to have just one “uncool” friend who would pull you by your hair if he sees you falling in a pit.

It’s far better to have just one “uncool” friend who would pull you by your hair if he sees you falling in a pit. Choose your friends carefully; these are the people who are the closest reflections of you. Select the good hearted people as your friends, rather than running behind the ones who are willing to slaughter humanity if it provides them a momentary thrill. Always remember,

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

The coolest friend is the one who cherishes you and believes in you, irrespective of the goof you can be.

P.S. This post is in response to the daily prompt: Friend

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