What Legacy should I leave?

The prompt of the day, legacy, is a head scratcher for me. Not to sound too pompous, but I pride myself in believing that I have numerous virtues. Nevertheless, I do not think I have many virtues which are worth leaving behind as a legacy to the future generations to follow. I believe that I dress right, but this is not something that future generation would need to learn from me. In just a matter of few years, my sense of style would become extinct and the kids of next generation would be passing their silent judgement on the way I dress. I have heard people saying that my communication skills are excellent; however, I beg to differ in accepting this praise. I do not think that I have an ability to attract the attention of a wide audience by speaking the right words, my loud laugh might turn more heads, that I have observed in a few marvellous speakers. There are a few speakers, who may be talking about something that means nothing to me, and yet, I would leave off everything just to listen to them. In case you haven’t guessed it, my communication skill is nowhere near them.

Let’s see what else I got. It’s good that you cannot see my typing this post because a lot of head scratching is going on to find something that could be a legacy worth leaving behind. If I were someone like my mom, I could have left behind my tendency to work hard without complaining. She worships her work, and even though, it takes a lot of her energy, she has never complained about it. Throughout her life, at least as far as I can remember, she woke up at 5 AM to cook before leaving for her job. This blows my mind because, after completing my education, I could never force myself to leave the bed before 9 AM. Even at 9 AM, I wake up as if, I am doing the whole world a favor. So, there is that.

If I were someone like my Dad, I would have left behind my drive to improve the life of my family before thinking about myself. He has always put his kids’ needs before his, and that’s why I always had the courage to follow my dreams without thinking about any monetary problem. Well, I am not like him. I think of giving, but then something “important” comes in the way and I surrender. I am improving, though; however, I am not there, yet.

If I were someone like my sister or my husband, I would have blessed the next generations the virtue of being calm and understanding. Unlike me, who keeps her emotions on her sleeves, they know the virtue of counting to 10 before babbling every stupid thing that comes to their mind.

Oh, finally I have figured it out. I have a merciful heart that cries a river, every time it notices anybody in distress. If I could leave the traces of the depth of such a heart, and if it could mould even a single cruel soul into a less-cruel one, then isn’t that something worth leaving behind? I would leave the legacy in the form of love, care, and kindness. As Shannon L. Alder has rightly quoted,

Carve your name in hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.

P.S. I dedicate this post to the daily post prompt of the day: Legacy

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