If only, we could learn to celebrate the contrast!

When I read the prompt of the day, contrast, the first idea that struck in my head was that God loves “contrast.” The first instance is the color of the day and the night. If he had preferred a monotonous world, then he would have painted the canvas of the universe in only one color. In fact, he presented his passion for contrast by putting forth the tastefully colored world, where we walk around keeping our nose in the air.

We live in a world of contrast and it’s sad we are among people who can’t seem to grasp the differences surrounding them. – Dominic Riccitello

Isn’t it an ironic and depressing truth of the world? We are tormenting one another to prove that our viewpoint of the society is the correct one. We wish to push our beliefs down other person’s throat without considering even for a second that their belief, however contrasting it might be, is equally fascinating. Who gave us the right to declare that it is going to be my way or highway? Of course, nobody gave us the right, but why do we need to ask when we can seize the right by power, money, and threats? This is the truth, isn’t it? Today, we wish to rule the world by crushing down every sign of contrasting belief or fact under our omnipotent procession of power. We would rather shed the blood than pondering over the imagination of the contrasting faith. It’s easier and faster to wave the sword and behead the scoundrel who dared open his mouth in front of us than to spend our, oh so valuable, time over somebody else’s opinion on any topic. Life is fast; we must run and if anyone happens to be under our fast pacing Mercedes then so be it.

I, on the other hand, find contrast very fascinating. I wonder what the people of other people imagine the superpower to look like. I admire the imagination, facts, prophecies, opinions of people of different religions, castes, color, and what have you. If only, everyone could embrace the horizon of possibilities and excitement that these contrasting theories bring with them. Contrast has a lot of value in its existence. The uniformity, for which we cry today, would become utterly boring if contrast vanishes, entirely. We forget to admire the purpose of the contrast; we dream of a land where everybody would think like us and would follow us (not only in WordPress and Twitter). I do not see the benefit of a world of this sort.

Contrast is important in life. We understand what light is because we can compare it with what we know is dark. Sweet is made sweeter after we eat something bitter. It’s the very same with sadness. And it’s important to experience sadness, to embrace it in order to truly know happiness. – Tarryn Fisher, F*ck Love

While enjoying a joy ride in any point in our life, we dread the unknown contrast. We would love to hold on to the happiness; however, it’s sadness that teaches us the importance of favorable circumstances. Do not mistake for one minute that I would trade any happiness of my life with sorrow to understand the real meaning of it; if it were in my hands, I would never do it. Fortunately, this is not in my control. I hold on tight to the comfort of my life because I have seen the darkness, as well. It takes our whole life, I believe, in considering contrast our friend, but I think the idea sinks in, sooner or later.

Short men are happy, for they can pass easily through the door. Tall men are happy, for they can stand erect and pluck oranges with their hands. Again, short men are angry, for they cannot stand erect and pluck oranges with their hands. Again, tall men are angry, for they cannot pass easily through the door. – Michael Bassey Johnson

You see the problem with the short men and tall men? Instead of being happy and angry on their situation, they could help one another out. But no, we are programmed to cry a river about our deficiency and other person’s praiseworthy attributes. If only, we could learn to celebrate the contrast!
P.S. I dedicate this post to the daily post prompt of the day: Contrast

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