Gifting Options For Men

No feeling can replace the joy of receiving a thoughtful gift. Similarly, no experience can replace the overwhelming experience of deciding a perfect gift. Being a female deciding a gift for ladies is an easy task for me but haunting begins when I shortlist gift idea for my dad, brother, or husband. Tired of feeling out of ideas every year, I decided to do a comprehensive research on the topic “Gift Ideas for men.” Here is the list of options which is sure to amaze the person at the receiving end:

  1. Scotch: From ancient times, men, and scotch have shared a strong bond. Gifting a man scotch signifies your ultimate reverence towards him. The major advantage with this option is, its undeniable applicability as a gift to a variety of audience; your boss, a colleague, your husband, cool dad, a friend etc. With the list of scotch brands being incredibly large, be at the top of your game in advance, explore his choice in scotch, do some research online – click here to know everything about gifting scotch to a man – and Voila! you have earned yourself a big thank you from him.Scotch as a Gift
  2. Apparel: For men who are close to you, shirts, T-shirts, trousers, jeans make an excellent gift choice. Before you pick up your purse and run for Ralph Lauren, here is a word of caution: Every man has a favorite brand and they prefer to stick to it. Know his size and preferred brand to avoid accidentally disappointing him.
  3. Perfume: This is an elegant and practical gift. Select one of the leading brands and give him a treat of fragrance. If you know somebody who always smells good then ask him to accompany you with the selection process. However always rely on your instincts when you finalize any gift. Believe it or not, you know him better.
  4. Wrist-Watch: Assuming that you are in an extra generous mood, the wrist watch is undoubtedly exceptional present. Furthermore, it will be a souvenir for a lifetime. Though I believe wrist watches to be the perfect gift for dads, husbands, and brothers, nonetheless this is a lavish item. Be on the lookout for a sale of wrist watches and pick up the best piece whenever you get the best bargain.
  5. Shoes: If you decide to gift shoes, you will need to be super careful with size and color. Not every man wears every color of the shoe. This is a risky gift if you ask me. However, if chosen correctly this will be considered a well-thought gift.
  6. Headphones: A music lover friend will definitely appreciate a good set of headphones. These come in a variety of price range and colors. This is an interesting gift without being too difficult on your wallet.
  7. Toolbox: Toolbox is a fine present for our male friends who are always busy fixing their house. Like most of our dads, mine is also a self-proclaimed handyman. Gifting a tool box to your dad and your friend means you applaud their good work.
  8. A Shaving Kit: Because men adore grooming themselves, a shaving kit is considered a well thought-out gift. Don’t shy away from it and surprise him with such a considerate gift.

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By and large, these are gift ideas which have come to my rescue all these years. You can also find unique ideas by exploring gifts which you are tempted not to gift to men.

All said and done, always remember to do your homework before gifting anything to anyone. Find out his favorite brands and preferences.

Happy Gifting!

Disclaimer: This article is meant for an audience above the age of 25.

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