War : Is it really worth it?


My heart cries a river every time I come across news about a war. For centuries, we have seen side-effects of war and yet here we are going down the same road, killing whatever comes close to hurting our ego, dividing one human from another based on religion, caste, color etc. When will we understand that in this life do something to help humanity? Are we so naive that we do not understand that evil forces take advantage of our weaknesses or we pretend to be naive as long as we are supporting our own religion, caste or color? At the end do we really think its worth it?

We get one life. Let’s not start analyzing where did we get this life and focus on what do we do to utilize this one life in a way so as to help humanity by wiping somebody’s tears or by providing someone with one meal or even by smallest of the means such as by helping a kid get his kite which got stuck in a tree somehow. But no! What we wish to do is first see whether this kid is of our community or of any other community. Wow!

Let us imagine for a nanosecond that we won and now the whole world has people of only and only our religion. Now use a little bit of your imagination and answer yourself do you really believe then you will be happy and won’t have any controversy? If your answer is yes then forgive me for saying this but you truly are naive. But if your answer is no then tell me how would you forgive yourself for all the bitterness you spread all this time in ensuring that your religion is at the top or for all the blood you spilled all this time to end anyone and everyone who wasn’t of your religion or for all the mean things you did to achieve to the point where there is only you?

The day we die there is only a body which is put in a grave or cremated then what are we achieving by slicing neck of an innocent baby who can’t even speak and whose only fault is being different than you? What do we achieve in destroying another human being?

I believe in humanity and I believe humanity is the first and foremost religion, caste and color. I believe if we all accepted humanity to be our guide, we shall surely get through this insane hour wherein a few humans are able to influence more than zillions of people by using their weaknesses. I believe if we all believed in humanity then we’ll see the world as it was meant to be. Evil will defeat and good will rule.

I believe; Do you?

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  1. Alok Ranjan says:

    Very well said author. I second this appeal and urge of yours.
    If everyone starts thinking this way, ours will be a very beautiful planet to live in.

  2. Anand says:

    I believe in every word you said. I believe in humanity. But isn’t “believe” the only reason of all the wars. Just like when people believe by killing some innocent people of other faiths and religion they can make their way clear to the heavens and thousands of angels are waiting for them to put a bullet in an innocent kid’s back who dose not even know what religion is. Or god himself will feed them with gold coins when they’ll die by blowing themself in a market full of innocent people. And people who believe that they can make an innocent youngest believe in all this nonsense while handing them a Kalashnikov. Its time for them to choose a book over a gun and start believing in huaminty..

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