My Journey in Learning a New Language

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Let me start by saying that I have loved every moment of learning french language. This journey still continues and I have never felt more excited for anything.

It is a spectacular language. Everything about it is very sophisticated and elegant. Its accents, prononciation of words and the rhythm in which its spoken.

Well, I am not doing anything unique by learning a new language. We all have learned one language minimum. Since the day we were born, we were thrown into the world of words. We were applauded when we spoke our first word. We don’t remember that time though but our near and dear ones who witnessed that moment of immense joy will never forget that moment. We were corrected when we misspelled or mis-pronounced a word. Sometimes we were laughed at when we used wrong word and sometimes scolded when we used a wrong word at a right place (we all had one of those times..wink wink)

What I am trying to exhibit by my words here is the joyous,mesmerizing and nonetheless difficult journey we went through while exploring and learning vast and splendid world of a language.

Most important thing while learning a new language is to ensure that right from the very first moment you start learning a language, start living in the world of this new language. Read books,newspapers, articles, e-books etc written in this new language. Write a little bit everyday about your day in a journal or even better join a community of people who are learning this language and write to them everyday. There is a website named wherein this concept is used. Explore this website a little. Watch tv series or movies in this language. Make friends with people whose native language you are learning.

Learning a new language requires tremendous patience, absolute dedication, extreme sincerity with a fun loving heart.

So if you are eager to learn a new language or you have already boarded this ship then follow these tips. Trust me you’ll not just learn the language but you’ll even get to understand and explore the culture this language brings with it.

Whatever you decide to do just don’t forget to have fun!!

Votre amie Ankita

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  1. pratikshya says:

    i had once tried to learn Spanish from and then Spanish song ‘Benvenuto!’ had become my favorite.. but I couldn’t complete the course due to academic pressures.. discontinued after a few months..
    I totally agree the experience is very thriller.. like discovering unchartered lands.. 🙂

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