Love Behind Enemy Lines by Jeanette Anderson is a forbidden romance tale of Palestinian Jannah al-Jarbouni and Israeli, Efron Oved. From the moment their eyes met, both Efron and Jannah had felt an irresistible attraction toward each other. Their union, albeit risky, was full of passion and undeniable urgency. Their romance came to an abrupt halt when an airstrike killed Jannah’s family. Yet, this was not the only tragedy that tore her heart; the evidence found at the spot framed Efron as the reason for this airstrike. With this knowledge, Jannah knew there was no hope for Jannah-Efron love story. Unbeknownst to her, an evil lurking in her distant family was the root cause of not only her agony but also the culprit murdering innocents in the name of justice.

Is “An Eye for an Eye” Philosophy Making Our World Blind? #FridayReflections

Last year, when a rape case shook the whole country, I remember having a conversation with two of my colleagues/friends about the same topic. As we were pondering over what should be the best punishment for these cruel rapists, I could not control my temperament and declared that they should be buried alive or handed…