Primed for Vengeance

Primed for Vengeance by Gill D Anderson is a nail-biting Crime Thriller, cleverly entwined with human psychology and intriguing suspense. Butch is a sadist who finds joy in petrifying people by his horrid actions and formidable looks. To a stranger, he resembles a devil’s minion. Although he enjoys projecting this persona, he cannot waste precious time indulging in this hobby of his; mainly because he is on a mission to kill a woman he called “Heartbreaker.” Since this is his only mission in life, he wishes to formulate a plan that will ensure maximum pain to the “Heartbreaker,” and consequently, a paramount satisfaction to him. In absolute contrast to him is Sarah Whitaker; her life’s sole purpose is to take care of those who cannot look after themselves. She works in Woodlands Residential Care Unit, where she spends long hours managing youths living in state care. As concerned as she is about the well-being of these kids and teenagers, she understands how unpredictable some of them can be. Therefore, when the time comes for her to go on maternity leaves, she wracks her brain to come up with a plan that will allow her to disappear without revealing her pregnancy to them. However, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished; unbeknownst to her, the seemingly foolproof plan backfires in the worst possible way, condemning her to a life of grief and danger.

You didn’t have to do something good to be widely recognised, you just had to do something significant that affected the lives of other. Preferably in a bad way.

Butch pondered on those who’d wronged him and felt certain that his mission here on earth was to rid the world of them. For the benefit of future kids growing up in care, the world needed to know what that felt like and why messing with one’s emotion was not recommended.

– An excerpt from Primed For Vengeance by Gill D Anderson

The thing about Gill D Anderson, the author, is that she is a master of the science of the mind. As a result, her characters are never one-dimensional. Resembling the real people, the people born out of her imagination both confuse and surprise the audience. At one point, you may think that you have them figured out, but in the very next scene, they would throw you for a loop. The justification that follows their dubious actions is always another masterstroke, too delicious to disagree with. Primed for Vengeance is no exception to the rule. Gill D Anderson has wowed the readers with yet another gem packed with rich emotions of the protagonist, antagonist, and everyone in between. She has also reflected on the mindset of the youth who can no longer live with their parents and have to reside in the government establishments, aka state care units. She showcases their agony as well as their inability to trust anybody quickly. Although she empathizes with their condition, in the most humane way possible, she also puts forth the various troubles their lack of trust causes for the employees of the care units. The backstories of some of the young people in the Woodlands Residential Care Unit are heartfelt in an almost tangible manner.

Beth Nelson was the angriest girl she’d ever worked with and a few of the dark stories she’d written could be used as horror movie material. Beth sometimes went as far as smearing her own blood on her handiwork.

– An excerpt from Primed For Vengeance by Gill D Anderson

Gill D Anderson hasn’t tried to create a typical crime thriller. Instead of writing a thriller where the psychopath is unknown, the suspense in Primed For Vengeance lies in when this psychopath will strike. As the readers hold their breaths to delay the inevitable attack on their favorite protagonist, the killer’s fearless and eager attempts further elevate their apprehensions. The third-person narrative provides a succulent insight into the most outlandish thoughts of the characters. While Jock’s Scottish accent was sometimes hard to understand, it added variety and authenticity to the story. Butch’s erratic moods along with his dangerous thought process both repel and excite the audience. Only one aspect was mildly off-putting in the narration and that was the characters’ tendency to psychoanalyze themselves. When they began their own psychological evaluations in their heads, drawing conclusions fit to be diagnosed by a therapist or psychiatrist, those were the scenes that seemed odd. Having said that, such occurrences were not so prominent that they could distract from the enchanting experience of reading Primed for Vengeance.

Unless you’d experienced abuse, trauma and neglect, one could never fully grasp the importance of having consistent role models in your life.

– An excerpt from Primed For Vengeance by Gill D Anderson

From the engaging conversations and the gripping twists to the unforgettable characters, Primed for Vengeance is a pageturner that Gill D Anderson’s fans will gush over for a very long time.

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