Rabbit Hole by Mark Billingham

Thanks to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for providing the ARC of Rabbit Hole by Mark Billingham.

Who do you believe when the detective (albeit a self-appointed one) of a murder case is a patient in the same psychiatric ward where the body was found? Rabbit Hole by Mark Billingham takes the readers on this unbelievable yet fascinating journey. Alice Frances Armitage, aka Al, is a medically retired detective constable, who has been diagnosed with PTSD. After being sectioned, she is undergoing treatment in the acute psychiatric ward of Hendon Community Hospital. However, she believes herself to be a cop still. So, when Kevin, one of the patients, is found murdered in his room, Al takes it upon herself to investigate the case. Soon, she gets the feeling that her own life is in danger.

They confiscate your phone, too, and God knows how anyone is supposed to kill themselves with a Samsung. Maybe they’re worried you might choke yourself with it, or call a hitman to come and do the job for you…

– Rabbit Hole by Mark Billingham

Much like The Woman in The Window by A.J. Finn, the narrator of Rabbit Hole is unreliable. But, that’s where the similarity ends. Our narrator in Rabbit Hole is witty, charismatic, and confident. Despite being in a psychiatric ward, surrounded by patients with all sorts of issues, she doesn’t lose her identity. Her comebacks are chucklesome and her thoughts are coherent. Even when she starts having memory gaps, she believes she is the right person to find the killer. Mark Billingham, the author, has chosen his storyteller very wisely. The murder mystery in itself was gripping, but the added suspicion on the credibility of our source of information brought out a whole new level of thrill. In addition, the tidbits about drugs, patients’ diagnoses, and the psychiatrist’s conversations show the level of research the author has done. These aspects further add to the overall entertainment and credibility quotients of the book. With just enough twists and interesting characters, Rabbit Hole by Mark Billingham is a thriller worth spending time and money on. Highly recommended!

‘Like on CSI?’

I bit my tongue. that stupid show is the bane of a detective’s life, making shit up and presenting it as gospel. I’d seen any number of trials go down the toilet because jurors thought they knew things once they’d seen them on the TV.

– Rabbit Hole by Mark Billingham

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