Adding Poetry to Your Daily Life #GuestPost

A V Anjali Menon, the talented poet of Piled-Up Pauses, has very graciously offered to write this guest post for the audience of Mojito with a Twist. Like her poems, her prose, too, is heartfelt. Enjoy the post as you take a deep dive into the world of poetry.

A V Anjali Menon, the poet and the author of this guest post

It amazes me how poetry transcends form and shape. When we say poetic, we don’t necessarily refer to written poems. By Wordsworth’s definition of poetry, “spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions”, poetry could be anything: your clothing, your house, your perfume, or anything materialistic or spiritual, worldly or imaginary can be poetic. All we need to have is an eye for beauty and the heart to appreciate it. 

In my attempt to create poetic experiences, I’ve tried different experiments. I started with curating full-length poetry shows in Bangalore. I would set up warm and cozy places, invite an intimate bunch of audiences, and feature some amazing poets from the city. After every poet is done with their set, I made the audience write small notes for the performer. I call it “rewarding poetry with poetry”. 

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My audience also tells me that poetry is therapeutic, and it calms them down. 27-year-old Smruthi Shankar, one of our regular attendees says “These events play a huge part in my healing process. The very thought of these magical poetry evenings motivates me every Monday to get up and function. I’m gonna wait for more and more events ahead”. 

The success of these events encouraged me to experiment even more. So, during the launch of my poetry book, Piled up Pauses, I decided to curate a gift box with poetic goodies along with my book, “Piled up Pauses”. This included coasters, bookmarks, posters, and postcards with quotes from my book. Here’s a sneak peek into my box:

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There are probably many more ways to add poetry to our daily lives and I’m committed to seeking the same. Meanwhile, enjoy the poems that happened during my unplanned pauses.

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