Chasing Kat

I have reviewed Chasing Kat by Jacqueline Simon Gunn for Reader’s favorite.

Written in contemporary romance subgenre, Chasing Kat by Jacqueline Simon Gunn is the story about Kat, Bax, and their complicated emotions. Throughout high school and college, Kat had eyes only for Bax. He, on the other hand, did not wish to ruin their friendship that he treasured more than anything else. So, instead of acting on his intense feelings for Kat, he continued jumping from one relationship to the other. Every time she saw him with another girl, her heart shattered into a thousand pieces. A few heartbreaks later, she disappeared from his life. Now, twelve years later, destiny brought them together. As they both began working together, they both realized that the spark was still there. It was like no time had passed, yet so much had happened in their lives that acknowledging the romance that burnt in their hearts was more impossible than ever.

But I couldn’t help still seeing the girl she was, the one I had loved in a way that I didn’t understand at the time. I enjoyed the flashes of those reminiscences. Who didn’t look back on their youth with wistful longing for all the opportunities that were missed due to immaturity and putting energy into things that seemed so important at the time, but with life experience you realized were insignificant.

– Chasing Kat by Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Jacqueline Simon Gunn has beautifully explored the complicated emotions in Chasing Kat. Kat’s unrequited love evokes sympathy for her broken heart; however, Bax’s desperation to save their friendship above everything else holds the audience from despising him. Both of them are right, on their own. While their sentiments are relatable, their frustration of not being able to be together is contagious. With each chapter, the desire to see them together increases. Chasing Kat is like a canvas that has strong feelings, admirable life-lessons, and noteworthy psychological inspection of the human emotions splashed throughout it. And what binds all of these factors together is an engaging and heart-warming romance. Even though the plot is high on forgiveness, the sentiment to not see a person through the eyes of the past is loud and clear.

Bax always went for the lookers and the girls with the most vivacious personalities, ones that were always vastly different from me.

“Bax said you reconnected after twelve years.” She rubbed Bax’s thigh up and down.

“Well, not exactly. I mean we reconnected, but only because he started a job where I work.” I glanced at Bax. “Not that I’m not glad that we reconnected, just that it wasn’t through social media or the usual way people reconnect.”

– Chasing Kat by Jacqueline Simon Gunn

The readers who appreciate a heartfelt romance that dissects human emotions to bring forth the underlying fears, hopes, and desires would fall in love with Chasing Kat by Jacqueline Simon Gunn.

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