The Voice of Reason

I have reviewed The Voice of Reason by Kat Clark for Reader’s Favorite.

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When Amy married a high school dropout, Josh, she happily left her parents’ immense wealth and their pretentious lifestyle. With her husband and their son, Caleb, she had built her own little paradise. Nevertheless, as it is with all good things, her blessings came to an end, when Josh began hallucinating. In no time, his episodes escalated from him mumbling to people no-one else could see to getting into a life-threatening situation. The voices and people were so tangible in his mind that it became impossible for him to separate reality from imagination. While he succumbed to his illness and struggled to find his voice of reason, Amy found herself unraveling like a spool of thread tossed haphazardly down a staircase. Instead of being her support system, her parents used this time as an opportunity to break her family apart.

A low, unfamiliar voice spoke.

“Watch your back.”

Josh let go of the knife so fast he had to jerk back to avoid being hit by it as it bounced off the plate with a clatter and landed on the linoleum.

“Who was that?”

Amy turned from the sink to look at him, wiping her hands on the dish towel. “What?”

– The Voice of Reason by Kat Clark

Reading The Voice of Reason by Kat Clark, one quote by Robin Sharma echoes eerily true: The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. As Josh wanders around feeling lost and terrified, the readers find themselves unable to distinguish facts from his hallucinations. His downfall from a family man to a delusional being is startling and eye-opening. Kat Clark has done a fabulous job of narrating the inside world of a schizophrenic, one which would raise not only awareness but also empathy for people struggling with this disorder. The Voice of Reason has enough drama and twists to keep the audience engrossed in its pages until the very end. The readers with an interest in emotions surrounding a psychosis or family drama would appreciate spending time with The Voice of Reason by Kat Clark.

“Josh!” His head lolled to the side as she pushed him upright. The whites of his eyes were slightly visible under his lids. His lips were tinged blue. He wasn’t breathing.

He’s dead.

– The Voice of Reason by Kat Clark

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