Celibate by Maria Giura

I have reviewed Celibate: A Memoir by Maria Giura for Reader’s Favorite.

Book Cover of Celibate: a memoir by Maria Giura
Book Cover of Celibate: A Memoir by Maria Giura

Love never came easy for Maria Giura, the author. With each failed connection, she felt more and more at loss. On the other hand, her sisters were either married or having babies or getting engaged. While she was happy for them, she could not ignore a pang of jealousy that continuously stabbed at her heart. Her family dynamics weren’t helping her either. So, when she received the undivided attention of a priest, she could not help falling for him. Yet, there was a nagging feeling inside of her that urged her to devote her life to God. While she struggled with these overwhelming emotions, she felt more and more broken by the minute. A part of her nudged her to embrace celibacy and become a nun. Celibate: A Memoir by Maria Giura is a canvas that displays a portrait of intense, paradoxical, and vexing human emotions.

Not only was I attracted to another unavailable man, this time I’d found someone completely off limits, the perfect man with whom to rebel against God and my family.

An excerpt from Celibate: A Memoir by Maria Giura

As we follow the raw narration of Maria Giura, we become a part of her struggle. On the one hand, her envy toward her sister(s), need for attention from her mother, and heartbreak at remaining the only single person in her circle were some of the relatable sentiments, but on the other hand, her decision to serve God by embracing celibacy was an unusual, yet noble, emotion. Admittedly, it was not an easy choice for her, and her conflicting thoughts reflect her dilemma beautifully. The tug of war between her love for the priest and unrelenting pull toward celibacy is exquisite. Despite the pain, Celibate: A Memoir by Maria Giura is a source of immense strength. Maria is a living and breathing example that each life has a purpose and that, just like her, we can all rise above the pain with determination.

…if God had wanted us to be together, he would have allowed us to meet before he entered the seminary or at the very least before he was ordained. How could God send me such a wonderful man I couldn’t have to corner me into a vocation I didn’t want? I was leading on a priest I wasn’t sure I trusted and blaming it on God.

An excerpt from Celibate: A Memoir by Maria Giura
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