Portrait of a Snow Queen By Micah Harris

I have reviewed Portrait of a Snow Queen By Micah Harris for Reedsy.

Princess Freyja was under an ancestral curse, which made her believe that she was the Snow Queen. She looked down on humans and ignored them as mere mortals. Lord Melchior, the regent-guardian, did his best to avoid her condition becoming common knowledge. With this in mind, he warned her newly appointed tutor, Master Ambrose Aurelianus. While the regent hinted at the destructive nature of the princess, Ambrose discarded those warnings and considered her condition as “a mental aberration, and whatever else she may suffer from it is purely psychosomatic….” He hid the fact that he was in no condition to turn down this job opportunity. 

“….I need to know what I am up against. That is, has your ability to comprehend been compromised by the tendency to inbreed among royal families, resulting in your becoming a hopeless mental degenerate?”

Her mouth gaped, she shook her head at me, scowled, and turned to Melchior.

“Do you just stand there and say nothing in defense of my honor? Of the entire royal family’s honor?”

He looked at me, his eyebrows narrowing. “It…happens.”

An excerpt from Portrait of a Snow Queen By Micah Harris

While Princess Freyja tried her best to shoo the tutor away, his witty remarks and wisdom eventually won her over. Subsequently, he developed a soft spot for the princess, while she began to see him as her “lowly devotee.” On top of her delusion, Ambrose observed certain events and conversations that suggested at a conspiracy in the making. In the epic fantasy, Portrait Of A Snow Queen, Micah Harris takes the readers on a magical journey, albeit dark at times, of deception, friendship, forbidden love, and necromancy.

Then he snapped his fingers and pointed: “I knew I recognized your name when I heard it. You wrote a poem.”

“A lot of them, actually.”

“But this…” He began snapping his fingers rapidly, then he pointed at me again. “This was about a heroic goat.”

“Uhm…” I shifted my weight. “It was a heroic dog, actually, named ‘Jöt.'”

“Oh, well. ‘Jöt;’ ‘goat.’ You can see how some confusion might arise.”

An excerpt from Portrait of a Snow Queen By Micah Harris

Portrait Of A Snow Queen by Micah Harris has several elements working out for it; however, its lively conversations, hands down, are the best. Seventeen-years-old princess Freyja excels in exuding the persona of an elemental being. Ambrose, on the other hand, knows just how to put her in her place. Micah Harris has equipped each character of Portrait Of A Snow Queen with a beautiful vocabulary fit for the timeline. The readers would chuckle, frown, and wonder with the characters. Even when the plot seemed light and bright, the author did not shy away from leaving breadcrumbs hinting at future mishaps. Those promise to hold the intrigue of an impatient audience. 

“Why should I remain?” I asked, staring into those wintry eyes.

Say it, I thought. Say you would miss me. If you could acknowledge the desire for the continued companionship of just one other single living soul, it would mean a turn. You said you are trying, Freyja. I see that. Please try harder now! Just say you would miss me as me…

“Why…for…for your reward, of course…for services rendered. What have we been talking about? I wish to see you properly honored even if in a non-official capacity.

An excerpt from Portrait of a Snow Queen By Micah Harris

Portrait Of A Snow Queen is a long read, but the many twists and engrossing narration captivates the readers. Amidst humorous events and witty banters, the plot takes a dark turn. The audience cheers for Princess Freyja to fight the curse and, at the same time, remains skeptic about what would follow. Ambrose’s forbidden love for the princess gnaws at the reader. Micah Harris has created a perfect romance that can never be, yet the plot brings hope for the man. As the mysteries unfold and the book reaches the climax, the readers would crave for more time with the princess and her tutor. I recommend Portrait Of A Snow Queen by Micah Harris to the fantasy lovers who enjoy a full-fledged insight into the many aspects of their characters.

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