John Hunter-a little bit of what you fancy

I have reviewed John Hunter-a little bit of what you fancy by Duncan Brown for Reedsy.

In his twenties, John Hunter was just like any other normal guy. In order to get some extra cash, he took up a part-time job as a waiter in a posh hotel. Clueless of the hotel’s well-concealed side business, he thought of his sexual encounter with a stunning woman with a “grey rat under her thong” a stroke of luck. However, the next day, when he woke up to find that the woman had left him money, he realized that she mistook him for a gigolo. To add to his confusion, Phil, the man who trained him in the hotel, and Kirsty, the hotel manager, knew all about his supposed chance encounter.

As they explained and offered him the job of gigolo in their establishment, he reluctantly accepted. For the most part, he assumed the job would entail steamy sex with women; however, he never could have imagined the freaky requests that would come his way. Soon, he was waking up with a body that “hurt EVERYWHERE” and being handed a prop box with a loaded gun. Furthermore, he had to hide his “gigolo” business from his best friend, Jimmy, his classmates, and his religious family. John Hunter-a little bit of what you fancy by Duncan Brown introduces the readers to the extraordinary life of a gigolo.

Undoubtedly, a book about a gigolo must comprise of graphic sexual details. And Duncan Brown lands true on this expectation in John Hunter-a little bit of what you fancy. He offers the audience a front-row seat to the uncensored action. Nevertheless, the unexpected comic side of the action increases the entertainment factor of the book. Duncan Brown further astonishes the readers by narrating the humane aspect of the lives of people involved in gigolo business.

On the one hand, the readers laugh at John “crawling along the floor, gathering….clothes and heading to the bathroom…,” but on the other hand, they sympathize with Phil as he opens up about his twin brother. The vivid description of sex combined with the hilarious clients or situations provided a rare combination of arousing comedy. John Hunter-a little bit of what you fancy by Duncan Brown is a suitable read for humor-lovers who do not shy away from graphic details of physical intimacy.

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