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See These Bones by Chris Tullbane reminded me of superhero movies like X-Men and Sky High. A man dreamt of a world where people would possess superpowers, and, when he woke up, his dream had manifested into a reality. In his dream world, people with powers worked for the welfare of humanity, in the real world, only a handful of these people worked towards saving the weak. This set of people with power were called Capes. Although having power should have been a good thing, there was one power that nobody wanted.

The reason for this repulsion was the fact that the owner of this power (known as a crow) had a record of going mad and becoming a mass murderer. So, when Damian realized that he was a crow, he was desperate to find a way out. Even though the Academy of Heroes never enrolled a crow, Damian was allowed to be the first crow to get a chance to be a Cape. This generosity would have felt much better if most of his classmates and almost all the teachers of the academy were not hellbent on getting him expelled.

Chris Tullbane, the author, has a flair for sarcastic humor. Damian’s tragic past could have imparted a lot of grief to the readers, but his witty narration kept melancholy away from the plot. Since Damian’s father killed his mother when he was only five years old, Damian spent the majority of his life (until turning 17) in an orphanage. Such a childhood is bound to create trust issues, and Chris Tullbane has very delicately introduced this attribute in Damian’s character. At times, this “flaw” of Damian frustrated me, but at the same time, this characteristic added authenticity to his character.

The diverse and powerful personalities of the side characters also successfully left their mark in the story. Training of the first years in the academy was one of the many elements that added to my entertainment. Once I picked up this book, nothing could stop me from putting it down until reaching the end. Packed with superpowers, admirable imagination, unlimited twists, and extremely witty narration, See These Bones by Chris Tullbane is one of the best fiction books that I have come across.

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  1. Very crisp and well thought out review

    1. Mojito With a Twist says:

      Thank you so much, Rakhi!

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